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    Default SotD Thursday 10 July

    It's a cool, potentially rainy day and I'm going to see Blondie tonight, so picked Tabac Blond

    Have a great day!
    "Wovon man nicht lesen kann, darüber muss man schreiben."
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    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    Mille & Une Roses Eau de Parfum by Lancome
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    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    Mac MV3. Somehow it reminded me of Feminite du Bois and Dolce Vita.

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    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    Enjoy your concert Tigs! I'm wearing Roma and still waiting
    for summer to begin!

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    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    Tigs, I wasn't even aware SHE was still around...enjoy!

    Kewart, hope you are you feeling better.

    Ok, I wanted to wear Good Life Woman today but didn't find it ... strange, since my perfumes are stored in one cupboard and one drawer and nowhere else.
    Anyway I was all set to something fruitfloriental, therefore I picked up Paco Rabanne

    Black XS for Her

    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Sniffing around
    I'll stop wearing black when they make something darker

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    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    Agent Provocateur Strip for me today.
    Enjoy Blondie, tigrushka ! I'm jealous

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    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    Feeling a bit better today, kewart? At least you smell lovely, I recently discovered Roma again and I still like it after all these years.

    A bit like Blondie, still going strong Enjoy Tigs!

    Serge was sulking in the drawer so I am very edible in Rahät Loukoum

    ::ah, good...almost lunch time::
    The bird of paradise alights only upon the hand that does not grasp

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    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    Good morning everybody Today I've only got 2 more shifts to go before I finally get a well deserved holiday Feeling really sleepy and with lack of energy due to the awfully grey weather.Hoping Kewart feels better and Tigrushka enjoy the concert! Concerts is probably my number one favourite activity in my sparetime Sotd is Egoiste. Have a great day all of you.

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    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    I still don´t know, I know it´s a Creed and TaoLady send it to me in the huge sample collection. Like yesterday I woke up and when I was dressed and capable of unwrapping it I sprayed it once on my wrist and placed it in my bag to take to work in case further spraying is required.

    First impressions, much lighter than the jasmine from yesterday, I may in fact have to spray again. It´s a lot more wearable as well, lighter and fresher. It smells a bit like soap with citrus added in it that becomes clear in the end. I don´t detect any flowers in this but it´s green and clean.

    On the way to work while sniffing my wrist I went between thinking it was female, unisex, female and unisex. I think this could be worn pretty well by a guy. When I got into work I let my bf sniff it since he is actually interested in my little blind snffing test and he was really interested when I told him yesterday that the Jasmine was created in 1870 and still produced today, a glimpse back in time. Pretty cool.

    His reaction was: ''wow''..come back again for snif, ''that´s rather nice actually''

    For me it´s a citrus scent with something green added to it, It´s clean light and wearable but part of me also feels that you can get something like this for a lot less money. To people who are very much into these kind of fragrances it´s probably worth it because they can detect subtle differences that might make this a lot better. For me I could get the same pleasure elsewhere I think.

    I prefer the complete strangeness of the Jasmine yesterday that really grows on you and changes your mood a little bit, something completly different, an education, something that sparks an opinion, that wants to be noticed and then blends in smooth.

    I do think that whatever I´m wearing is sharper than other citrussy green scents, it tickles your brain...maybe I need to stop inhaling my wrist though.

    Either way, I´m going for another spray and see how it goes an hour or two from now, and then I´ll read the label too. I´m kinda curious now.

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    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    Tuberose - Jo Malone

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    The power of bleu
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    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    I'm wearing Ave Luxe Love's True Bluish Light today.
    I've trademarked the color bleu
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    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    :dancing up and down: ... I know what Lian is w-e-a-ring! I know what Lian is w-e-a-ring! (Reminds me of those great Three Blind Guess contests Wolfie sponsored last year!)

    Speaking of Wolfie - thanks to her bottomless generosity am in a sample of limited edition Guerlain Philtre d'Amour this ayem.

    This is another of those frags that develop upside down on me. It opened with a peculiar combo of lightweight patchouli and something acrid-herby went through some equally lightweight old-timey flowers and ended up in a burst of lightweight citrus.Now the whole has settled into a sort of combo of all this with the emphasis on the soft flowers and a tiny spicy zing.

    This love potion is quite Guerlain-y (where would I be without "y" and "ish"??) and absolutely spot-on for tai chi on a grey day!!
    Last edited by TaoLady; 10th July 2008 at 12:15 PM. Reason: sloppy sloppy sloppy
    "The world is ruled by letting things take their course. It cannot be ruled by interfering." Lao Tze

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    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    As I am now in the part of the year where I no longer have to work on Friday again until September, Thursday is now the new Friday. To celebrate, and as House Brother with Taolady, I am wearing for the first time:

    Guerlain Habit Rouge

    Wow what a blast this one is full of my favorite notes. I feel like singing like Julie Andrews in "The Sound of Music"
    Rosewood and citrus and lovely vanilla; roses and spices and a hint of leather; these are a few of my favorite notes.

    Hope everyone has a great day today.
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    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    Encre Noire - Lalique

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    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    DSH Wild Honeysuckle today.
    I sometimes forget how much I enjoy her essense oils.

    SMM - soooo jealous scent sib. Sadly, my Thursday is still Thursday.

    Tigs - have a great time at your concert.
    Sakecat's Scent Project
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    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    Van Cleef & Arpels pour Homme as SotD
    we have seen the enemy...and he is us.-Pogo

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    I smell something
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    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    Hello everyone, Schiaparelli Zut for me today. Happy Thursday!
    "I felt something so intense, I could only express it in a perfume." - Jacques Guerlain

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    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    YSL M7 again.
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    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    THIS IS THE 100,000th POST!

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    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    Ok, its no longer light and green, I say it´s now warming up and it´s still fresh and a bit citrussy but it´s no longer in your face citrus and there is something in there, woody maybe? spices?

    So I finally looked at the bottle and it´s Fleurs de Bulgarie. I had not expected that at all, I thought it was way too fresh to be a flowery fragrance. Is that the difference between the typical moden day mainstream flower scents that give me a headache and make me sneeze all day and something that has more quality to it? One gives me a headache and the other just puzzles me, being rather light and fresh, and then adds a little warmth and spice to it.

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    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    Anais Anais.

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    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    Quite 'revolting weather' outside today, once again . In an effort to warm things up a little, I've made a selection of several scents:

    A base of Etro Ambra
    'overblown' by Goutal's fierce Ambre Fetiche, then cooled by Musc Nomade

    Makes the rain slightly more bearable
    "Perfume is the dream that carries me."

    There is always the sky to look at

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    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    still playing with amber samples. Today I am wearing Blue Amber.

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    Guest 3

    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    Tigrushka - Blondie! Have a great time! Now I have that song in my head...One way...or another...I'm gonna find ya...I'm gonna get ya get ya get ya! I can hear the guitar riff. I always thought Deborah Harry was gorgeous.

    SMM - Lucky devil - TGITh to you! When I was many years younger Thursday was my Friday too, even though I still had to go to work on Friday. I can't believe I had the energy for that.

    I'm sampling Serge Lutens Sarrasins this morning. It's pretty intensely sweet and jasminey right off the bat (nothing wrong with that), and now it's turning a bit more honeyed and golden. I'm quite enjoying it so far.

    I hope everybody has a brilliant Thursday.
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    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    Brotha, mijn geliefde, you're a MADMAN !
    But damn, you smell good.
    Gek jonge...dikke kus terug !

    Tig- you smell glorious- enjoy your concert !

    You guys smell awesome.

    Mejuffrouw Lian-
    If you lust after anything- let us know !

    We only LIVE to enable others, lol.
    Let's face it- sometimes, 'c'est la vie dure, sans confiture'...
    And scented mail is the ONLY respite, lol.

    Still migrainey- but TOO f'in' bad.
    Meetin' up with Ruby, for sushi / sniff.
    It's ABOUT time...
    SMM, YOU'RE NEXT, poor man.
    [PM me w/ your phone, I'll do the same, and we'll set it up .What about tomorrow ?]

    SOTD- I'm wearing Viole d'Ida- I'll bring some for Rubes.

    Love you...

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    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    Wearing a sample from dear TDem1961 :wave: today... Richard James EDT. I'm getting lovely citrus and dark green stuff rolling around in a tobacco field in a leather jacket. Fun! Not something I need a FB of, but nice once in awhile.
    It’s thought that people who hope too much will just waste their life away and never get down to doing any real work. They’re confusing Hope with Wish, its lazy cousin... When Wish whispers, “Something is just around the corner,” what comes or not is never what was wished for. When Hope whispers “Something is just around the corner,” something always is. -- Charlie Elberson

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    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    Basking in notes of wood ~ Feminite du Bois!

    Am still evergrateful to Tinks & Tao!!!

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    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    Very summery here today. Perfect for the figgy Guerlain's Purple Fantasy. Is it my imagination, do I smell a hint of mint?
    I'm simplifying my life. For Sale Thread (some niche, some designer):

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    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    Hove Rue Royale, simply beautiful vetiver in the company of rose(?), camellia(?), musk(?).

    I didn't recognize it until I read Lilybelle's comment about hearing lyrics in her head, but having seen Blondie's name repeatedly here, the D.J. in the back of my brain has been spinning "Once I had a love, and it was a gas ..." Rock on, Tigs.
    "I live in the garden, I just sleep in the house." -- Jim Long
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    Default Re: SotD Thursday 10 July

    Patou For Ever EDP Sweet rasberry goodness!

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