Now this might be stating the very obvious, if so please excuse me.
I'm not a wildly extravagant fragrance user, but I do like to keep a good variety on hand for different occasions.
The problem is one of storage to keep them all in good condition. Keeping the bottles in the refrigerator in the kitchen isn't very convenient.
I've neatly solved this with one of the small cube-shaped fridges usually sold to chill beer, which I keep in the bedroom. The one I have got is very common here in the UK - "Husky" brand, quite simple with a glass front which allows the whole "wardrobe" to be pondered over without opening.
Quite often the same basic model is sold extremely cheaply in supermarkets with beer manufacturer branding, apparently as low as 40. They're not too loud nor do they take much power.
Seems ideal for storing frags, with the bonus of filling remaining space with cold drinks for hot summer nights...

- Steve