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    Lightbulb Fragrance storage tip

    Now this might be stating the very obvious, if so please excuse me.
    I'm not a wildly extravagant fragrance user, but I do like to keep a good variety on hand for different occasions.
    The problem is one of storage to keep them all in good condition. Keeping the bottles in the refrigerator in the kitchen isn't very convenient.
    I've neatly solved this with one of the small cube-shaped fridges usually sold to chill beer, which I keep in the bedroom. The one I have got is very common here in the UK - "Husky" brand, quite simple with a glass front which allows the whole "wardrobe" to be pondered over without opening.
    Quite often the same basic model is sold extremely cheaply in supermarkets with beer manufacturer branding, apparently as low as 40. They're not too loud nor do they take much power.
    Seems ideal for storing frags, with the bonus of filling remaining space with cold drinks for hot summer nights...

    - Steve

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    Default Re: Fragrance storage tip

    The ideal temperature for fragrance storage is 53 degrees farenheit. Are you able to maintain this temperature?

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    Actually my cute little fridge is set not-too-cold and is actually sitting at 50F (10C) at the moment (you can tell I'm a scientist; I measured it).
    It is easily adjustable but I'm sure that the temperature control can't be especially accurate.
    For sure, the temperature will vary in different parts of the cabinet.
    Nevertheless, it's very convenient and I'm sure that it will look after my collection of Cuiron bottles better than just leaving them out!

    - Steve
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    Fasty, welcome to Basenotes!

    I love my small refrigerator and have been using it for a few years now. I have not been able to detect any serious degradation of the scents at all. I just tell my friends that I keep beer in there. ;-)

    Now, if you really want to get serious, load up the unused portion of the bottle with argon gas and you'll really be preserving your scents!

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    Welcome to Basnotes Fasty.....The frig idea sounds Great.....Take care and again.... Welcome to Basenotes.

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