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Thread: incense

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    As far as incense to scent my home, Shoyeido is great.

    However, being Eastern Orthodox, I often use incense for my devotionals here at home.

    A monastery called Holy Cross Hermitage in Wayne, WV makes GREAT high quality incense in the style of the monks on Mt. Athos. I particularly love their orange blossom. It smells like my favorite Eau de Cologne - Imperiale. Literally. My wife likes their cassia incense, and tells me that it reminds her of freshly baked gingerbread cookies coming out of the oven. It is a favorite of mine to use during Advent and Christmastide.

    They also make high quality goat milk soaps and candles. Check it out, google it, and support some monks today!
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    Hi folks. I have been really enjoying the Shoyeido Incense at home - beautiful selection - thanks for the intro courtesy of this thread!

    I saw Lisn mentioned and haven't been able to locate a direct source for this line but a fellow basenoter is heading over to Tokyo next month and I was wondering if:

    Anyone here has visited the Aoyama Boutique and/or could recommend any particular Lisn favourites?

    Anyone has any idea if there are any wearable powders / oils / perfumes derived from traditional Japanese Incense themes - I have seen mention of 'Zubo' (?), a wearable powder form, and leads on where we might track these down?

    Any tips or suggestions most appreciated - domo arigato
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    Quote Originally Posted by odysseusm View Post
    Since you have a censer and charcoal, I can definitely recommend Ancienne Ambience to you. They have lovely incense mixes (resin, herbs) that are amazing. They are more powerful than joss sticks and really re-create the ancient experience of incense in temples.

    You might also try church supply stores (esp. Roman Catholic or Greek Orthodox)... maybe you've done that already.

    The best incense sticks I've found are by a company called AIRS. Lots of places carry these.
    I like the following:
    Vetiver, Oakmoss and Sandalwood -- A very soothing, beautiful scent. The sticks themselves smell terrific even before they are lit.
    Frankincense & Myrrh -- rich but not sweet. Quite compelling, excellent scent.
    Cedar, Sage and Eucalyptus -- very woody, generates a very smoky scent.

    nice idea
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    I just burned a Mysore Sandalwood stick and I feel completely relaxed.

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    I learned a ton of stuff about incense recently over at Olfactory Rescue Service.

    Following their advice on some excellent but relatively inexpensive Japanese incense, I picked up sample bundles of two incenses in Baieido's Kobunboku line: Kobunboku and Tokusen Kobunboku. Although I am very much a fine incense noob, having burned a couple sticks of each, I can strongly recommend both....especially the Tokusen Kobunboku.

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    i think no sticks can beat frankincense. it is great on charcoal. if you want a more subtle, less smoky effect, try heating it rather gently in an oil burner. the effect is smoother, and quieter. but personally i love the smoky part and the complex intensity so when i really want to indulge i burn a piece of charcoal.

    my second favorite is storax (black, liquidambar, from turkey).
    myrrh can be a good companion to olibanum (aka frankincense), but i prefer the latter.
    also try styrax (benzoin, amber color, from south-east asia). this is the scent of papier d' armenie. a large part of this smells rather vanilla-like.
    i still want to get some opoponax (sweet myrrh) and most of all labdanum (sometimes called amber) but i cant find this locally.

    the names/species storax and styrax are often confused with one another, it's like 2 different species have two the same names at the same time, people using both terms for either resin. it can get almost as confusing as the name 'amber'!
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Duke View Post
    Fred Soll makes a wonderful product. I burn at least one stick a day. They are loctaed in New Mexico, and are very high quality. My favorites are:

    Egyptian Musk
    Lovely Lavender
    Nag Champa

    Try them, I am sure that you will not be disapointed!
    This man is the king of US Hippie incense. I really respect his quality across the line. Red Sandalwood being my favorite.

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    Incense is what got me into fragrances; great medium for smell I think.

    Kyukyodo is a wonderful incense brand; getting hard to come by though they aren't imported into the US anymore.. Anyone can PM me if they want I'd do a trade of incense if you want to try any of Kyukyodos offerings.

    Baieido Kobunboku is a great incense for the price.. nice Cassia and Sandalwood blend. Baieidos other Kobunboku are good to. Syukohkoku is one of there best I feel. Great aloeswood and spice blend.

    I'd have to second recommending Fred Soll; some of the best quality incense I've seen. Real thick and resinous. Check out Frankincense-champa lovely blend of a sweet flowery Champa flower and piney frankincense.

    For Indian style (more like Nag Champa) Shroff Channabasappa is a great company; pretty fairly priced to. - Best customer service IMO vast selection - Great selection but not so good customer service.. can be SO slow to ship.. They make there own incense which is great and fairly priced for the quality of wood. - Incense reviews! Check out his top 10's of Japanese, Indian and Tibetan incense great starting point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pofox View Post
    I have seen the traditional charcoal bukhoor(?) burners and the electric ones on ebay (and even some that fit the cigarette lighter for use in a car). Has anyone used or tried one or any of these?
    I have an el-cheapo electric one (shaped like an Arabian magbess). The incense smolders, rather than ignites, so the fragrance is a bit cleaner. I want to upgrade to one of those lovely Japanese ones, but they're so expensive...

    I haven't tried the Japanese take on oud, only Middle Eastern bukhoor. Stores here often burn their propriety blends in front of the shop so passers-by can smell it in action. The only one that really hooked me, and that I'd recommend, is the incense from Arabian Oud. I prefer the New Maajoon Arabia, which is a moist oud + rose. Their Majoon Shoyukh smells similar, only drier, a little less floral, with a touch of something that smells like citrus. They smell of good quality and lack the mustiness that some oud has. I understand Arabian Oud has a couple of stores in London now.
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    Thank you all for this thread. Thanks to your recommendations, I found some nice incense. The incense burning as I write is Pure lands Bhakti yoga Rasa Leela. It's a bit sweet, flowery, appropriate for romantic evenings.

    I didn't have an incense burner so I took a small crystal bowl, filled it with salt and put it on a glass ashtray. It works nicely and I like the looks too.

    Two other incense sticks I especially liked are Lama Chodpa relaxation - a bright, slightly smokey, complex woody scent that reminds me a bit of a spa scent and it actually does what it was designed to do - helps to relax.

    Men-Tsee-Khang sorig is another favorite with complex, cool spicy scent.

    Several more incense sticks are on their way and I'll report on them on this thread.

    Do you think it would be appropriate to expand the directory to include the candles, incense and room sprays as well?


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    I just received couple boxes of incense from eBay 2 days ago. They are sticks and theres the Nag Champa, Sandalwood, Rose, Lavender and Patchouli. 3 are by HEM and 2 others are by the Nag Champa company. I want to try cranking out my own incense sticks.
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    My favourite Bakhoors / Incenses over charcoal.

    Bakhoor Raqiya by Rasasi
    Shamamatul Amber by Rasasi
    Kauser - Oud Muattar by khadlaj perfumes ( agarwood chips soaked in perfumed oils)
    Madhosh - Muattar by khadlaj perfumes

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    Just a pic for lovers of incense - I was out strolling near Central in HK yesterday, this is one of a few small temples you can find in the most unlikely places around town. Quite a lot of incense, the air is highly scented by the smoke from all of these burning . . . do not try this at home

    A nice reminder that 'perfume' comes from the latin 'par fumare' - through smoke. The incense used in Chinese temples is moderately sweet, mildly narcotic.

    My 'blue hour' shot.

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    I hear great things about Lisn incense sticks but impossible to find in the UK

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    I burn 3 sticks a day every day and I prefer hand dipped or gonesh either thir spring mist or ancient times. If you want a good deal get their top 5 sampler.

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    I have a pack of high quality Baieido incense which I try to like very very hard but I just can't. I love perfume and cologne though, but to me incense pretty much smells like burning wood. Am I missing something?

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    This is a very exceptional source for all sorts of quality incense they carry all major brands Baieido, Shoyeido, Gonesh and much more than I can mention here .... Good luck

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    Default Re: incense

    Just ordered some of these from (Musk, Cinnamon... and Rose, Myrhh...) (Balsamic Woods and Caravan)

    A little expensive but should be really good. Looking forward to trying

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    Default Re: incense

    Ok update on the above...sadly the incense (tried three different kinds) lack punch:-(

    Lit one or even two sticks and put them in a corner of a medium sized room and I can barely smell them sitting on the bed in the center...kept an window open, very faint aroma can be detected...switched on the fan and I can finally smell it somewhat.

    So, nice natural aroma from what I can detect and really expensive but not worth the price!

    Will not be buying from auroville again.

    Search continues

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackheart2925 View Post
    Ok update on the above...sadly the incense (tried three different kinds) lack punch:-(

    Lit one or even two sticks and put them in a corner of a medium sized room and I can barely smell them sitting on the bed in the center...kept an window open, very faint aroma can be detected...switched on the fan and I can finally smell it somewhat.

    So, nice natural aroma from what I can detect and really expensive but not worth the price!

    Will not be buying from auroville again.

    Search continues

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    I'm new to this forum and perfumes in general but have a lot of incense history so thought I would jump in here. I burned various blended sticks, cones, etc for years from nag champs to sandalwood and all scents in-between but now I only burn natural plant-based incense. I get frankincense, myrrh, and sometimes copal tears at my local health food store as others have noted. They sell it in the bulk herb section, as do many co-ops and it's a super cheap way to get it. We burn the resin on charcoal sitting in a small bowl of dry rice. I also burn sage or cedar smudge sticks when feeling extra contemplative and they are easy to find at health food stores too, but my favorite smudge by far is sweet grass which is a bit harder to find and have only gotten it from Native American friends as gifts. My new favorite incense though is a wood called palo santo, or holy stick. Got it at a hippy, bead store type place and it's glorious. It's an aromatic, sweet and woody incense from South America. A quick google search provide multiple online sources for it. Highly recommended.

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    Default Re: incense

    Thank you for sharing that...will certainly look it up :-)

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    Default Re: incense

    Agree that burning 'raw' materials is a fantastic way of experiencing them in a very pure form - those with open fires may also throw some onto the dying embers.

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