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    Default Ungaro II and Habit Rouge EDT

    At the perfume shop I was at today I saw they had a bottle of Ungaro II. Somewhere buried in the many posts I've made, I seem to recall someone recommending it to me for some reason or another.

    So the lady was nice enough to let me try a little of it (even though it was her only bottle), and I was quite surprised to be reminded of Habit Rouge EDT. So much in fact that I passed on buying it.

    First of all, am I crazy to have not bought it since its discontinued? Secondly, does anyone else thing that it would be too close to Habit Rouge to buy?


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    Default Re: Ungaro II and Habit Rouge EDT

    I must say that I get a little embarrassed to give my opinion as I don't really have a very discerning nose but to put it in really minimalistic terms, in my opinion, the Ungaro is dirty (in a good way) and the HR is pretty and sweet. Not at all alike.
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