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    I tried out the line of JAR fragrances today. Whoa weird. These make Messe De Minuit and some Lutens scents look like Eternity and Hugo. These babies make you stop and wonder WHAT AM I WEARING???? They have a powerful sillage and are quite robust but not in your face. They also evolve faster than Angelina Jolie did from psycho slut to world leader. JAR has two degree from Harvard which he received in two years. He's from the USA but now lives in France. His fragrances are only sold at B Goodman's in NYC and at a store in Paris. He does not advertise he does not give out samples he does not wish to have any press he does not wish to promote he does not list his notes. HE IS NICHE, the most niche I could imagine. Diamond Water is a fragrance of his I was drawn too. I'm guessing it has black rose, indonesian, sandalwood jasmine vetiver and lavender in it with a bit of amber. That's what I get from smelling it at least. It's dark and smoky like a fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm. Bizarre but delightful in a fantasy sort of way.

    Golanda was another I liked. Its spicy with what seems to be cinnamon, bergamot, coriander, ginger, and patchouli drying down into amber, musk, and maybe leather. It's soft and slightly powdery but not enough for me to guess heliotrope or vanilla to be in its composition. Hmm its gotta have some vanilla. This is a very Xmas scent to me it makes me think of that time of year with egg nog and gingerbread men.

    The others were even more image evocative and interesting. However the above two are the only one's I can see myself wearing and even then only on very special occasions.


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    I found them disappointing, but just had a 15 or 20 minute session in the little dark room at BG - kind of creepy. Anyway, I'm in no hurry to explore them further.

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    I've only tried Shadow. It was nothing like what I was expecting in a bad way. I was hoping for a dark gloomy mysterious scent very much like a "shadow", but got a very hot and spicy scent. Biting into a jalepeno pepper topnote and it eventually dried down into a pure carnation/clove scent. It had some similarities to the parfum version of Poivre by Caron, maybe just more concentrated. I also agree with the potency of the scents. The Shadow made mega sillage and longevity.

    It wasn't all that great, but it wasn't dull either. Topnotes were weird as hell, but it eventually became basic and ordinary. I wouldn't mind trying the others in the line just for fun, but I heard an ounce sells for $800, so no thank you from me if it came down to a purchase.
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