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    Question Calling Ava Luxe experts! : )

    Hello Ladies!
    I'm posting my question on this side since I've mostly seen AL comments here.
    Does AL have any scents that you think might be suitable for men?
    Other than general woody, etc., I'm starting to really get interested in musks.
    I see "Kama" and it sounds like it would be a wonderful musk/animalic scent. Any info on that? Any other musks?
    BTW, does she have a sample program?
    Thank you

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    Default Re: Calling Ava Luxe experts! : )

    Yes, you would love Kama.
    I think that Madame X, despite its name, would smell absolutely enticing on a man.
    Love's True Bluish Light is a sweetish musk.
    Vamp would also smell magnificent on a man.
    No sample program that I know of.
    What a wonderful time awaits you!

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    Default Re: Calling Ava Luxe experts! : )

    Serena is also a basenotes member, RM. PM her , I know she had a sample program when she joined BN.
    I got some from her. Loved her Cafe Noir fragrance. I think her username here is serena ava.

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    Default Re: Calling Ava Luxe experts! : )

    Perfumed Court now sells samples of her stuff, too !

    I'm a Kama-lover, and Madame X lover, too.
    Royal Parvati, Palisander would rock your world.
    Also, Mousse de Chine- just spectacular- musky, animalic, chypre.

    Good stuff, RM !

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    Default Re: Calling Ava Luxe experts! : )

    Palisander would smell AWESOME on a man.

    Also - Kretek, if you are really into clove tobacco scents.

    And any of her incenses (Shambala Tibet, Incense Tibet, No. 23 come to mind).

    PM me and I can send you samples of Palisander and Kretek. (as long as you are in the US - the DC postmonsters aren't letting me ship out of country).
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    Default Re: Calling Ava Luxe experts! : )

    Thank you everyone for the very helpful responses!
    I think I smell some wonderful things...and trouble...

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    Default Re: Calling Ava Luxe experts! : )

    Her ambers are very masculine. Palisander definately. Kama is VERY animalitic (MKK lovers will likely swoon).
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    Default Re: Calling Ava Luxe experts! : )

    Thanks. Actualy, it looks like some of the names I see here are no longer listed on her site. There are many, many scents so it's likely that they changed or were re-named.

    Looks like Kama will be it. I like MKK. It's the kind of musk I can recognize and enjoy. I also tested Malle's MR but did not enjoy the cloying sweet/spice combination in it. I hardly get any musk (what I understand to be musk).

    In that sense, I find Kiehl's musk (oil formulation) more similar to MKK; only a bit brighter--more floral than leathery compared to MKK. But I enjoy a bit of civet and castoreum in there too so I think Kama would be very nice. I'll report back!

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