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    Default New Bond No. 9 Hamptons thoughts?

    I know this frag came out a few years ago and has been discussed some but just for an updated view, how do you feel about this one now?

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    Default Re: New Bond No. 9 Hamptons thoughts?

    I love my bottle It's a good, clean, refreshing scent for days that I'm either unsure of what to wear or just want something not too overpowering.
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    Default Re: New Bond No. 9 Hamptons thoughts?

    I actually just recently sampled most of the the Bonds. Hamptons was one of the ones I was most interested in since I really like creed SMW. I found it to be very very similar. But something about it just doesn't smell good to me. I don't know if it's the fact that it's so much of copy of SMW that bothers me or maybe it's the fact that they use a higher concentration of perfume oils than any other companies or maybe the ingredients arent as good as creed but this one just doesnt work for me. just my 2 cents.

    I really tried to like it but each time I wear it I find myself wantng to wash it off and wear somethng else.
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