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    Question Have you considered just mixing it up yourself?

    I have recently been testing some of the Jo Malone fragrances, which usually only have a couple of prominent accords, and are often sold with the intention of layering. I've also been trying some of the Marc Jacobs Splash fragrances, which each really have only a single prominent note.

    It occurred to me that maybe if I am willing to buy any of these, maybe I should just buy some essential oils and make my own fragrances. Have any of you who have previously been in the habit of buying "off the rack" decided to (partially or completely) jump over to the other side of the fence and make your fragrances yourself?

    I'm posting this here instead of in the Fragrance DIY group, since I already know the folks over there are at least thinking about it, if not actually doing it.

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    Default Re: Have you considered just mixing it up yourself?

    As simple as they seem, they still most likely contain well over 100 ingredients, most of which are synthetic and unable to be acquired by anyone other than a perfumer.

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    Default Re: Have you considered just mixing it up yourself?

    I definitely agree with you.

    I recently purchased 2 kits from the (I believe it was the beginners kit and the notes kit as well as various individual samples) for the purpose of learning individual notes and for mixing it up.

    I think it's a great idea to help develop a nose for the individual notes as well as to understand the complexities of various fragrances.

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