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    Default New John Galliano

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    It sounds like it might be like any other fruity/floral women's perfume out there already maybe with a slight twist (freshly ironed shirts) judging by the notes & description. I'd still like to test it but don't have any high hopes for it. The bottle and box looks really nice & creative.

    Hopefully he might either do a male or unisex scent very similar to his room spray created for Diptyque.
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    I'm really looking forward to sniffing this one eventually. I'm hoping it will smell like way more than the sum of its listed notes.

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    I love the bottle. I also have to admit the only good thing about ironing is the very fleeting smell of a freshly ironed shirt

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    The very fact that the designer says the scent is intended to represent the Galliano "girl" says it all. The Galliano girl is sixteen years old and six feet tall and tumbles over haute couture at Dior.

    Galliano is my favorite designer (some say costumer) for his adventures in thematic excess, particularly Orientalism.

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