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    Default Brain Science podcast (April '07): Women can learn new smells

    As one who has been working to train my nose/brain to perceive violet (with some success), I'm encouraged to hear women may have a greater ability to learn new smells. Iris remains a challenge, but where's the adventure without a challenge? ~ Q

    Episode 34 of the Brain Science Podcast is an interview with Rachel Herz author of The Scent of Desire: Discovering Our Enigmatic Sense of Smell (2007). Dr. Herz teaches at Brown University and she is a leading authority on the psychology of smell. We talk about the how smell works, its role in emotion and memory, why it is so vulnerable, and why smell is much more important than most of us realize. We also consider some of the questions that remain unanswered.
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    Default Re: Brain Science podcast (April '07): Women can learn new smells

    Very cool--can't wait to check this podcast out.
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    Default Re: Brain Science podcast (April '07): Women can learn new smells

    Thanks for posting the to listen to it in 5 mins.
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    Default Re: Brain Science podcast (April '07): Women can learn new smells

    Rachel Herz was just interviewed again on NPR's Science Friday. During a segment entitled "From Brain to Plate: Psychology of Holiday Meals," she spoke about how taste, smell, and memory are so closely intertwined.

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    Default Re: Brain Science podcast (April '07): Women can learn new smells

    I meant to mention yesterday's Science Friday episode, which I caught in the car on the way home from the airport. I also intended to check out more of Herz's work. Then I arrived home, started unpacking, and completely forgot. I love Basenotes! Thank you, Tang!

    Also, I mentioned a while back that Infusion d'Iris smells like suede to me, and iris similarly does in other fragrances having that note prominently. I recently had to opportunity to smell a solid iris essence. Smelled like suede. But the 'cuir' essence did smell like leather should and was completely different.
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