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    Default Ayala Moriel

    I was wondering what everyone's opinion of this line is? I recently ordered some samples and am looking forward to trying them. I have found that most other perfumes become oppressive to me after a while and I wind up scrubbing them off... I am guessing it is all the chemicals. I hope it is different with more natural scents.

    But I was looking at the website again today and realized just how small of an amount you get when you order a "real" amount (the bottles just look bigger in the pictures!). 5-15 ml, depending on what you get for $65 - $180 dollars.

    I am wondering about that. Is it something that you just use up quickly and oh well? Is it something you reserve for the most special occasions? Or is the formulation such that you use so much less that it lasts as long as the big bottles of conventional perfumes?


    Edited to add: I am not complaining about the price. I understand why it is expensive. I am just wondering how long a bottle would really last.
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    Default Re: Ayala Moriel

    Hi mamamia,

    I'm not an expert on fragrance, but I can tell you about my experiences with this line. I've tested many of Ayala's fragrances and I've owned two (I finished one off and need to reorder it!). The fragrances are very, very concentrated, and a teeny drop lasts and lasts. From what I can tell, they are of exceptionally high quality, and Ayala is a brilliant creator.

    I hope you get your samples soon and find something you love. Keep us posted. If you haven't already ordered a sample, I recommend trying l'Écume des Jours. It's fascinating. I've never experienced anything quite like it...I had such a visceral reaction the first time I wore it, I felt like I was reliving a memory! l'Écume des Jours is one of the most unusual and beautiful fragrances I've ever tried. It's olfactory poetry.

    (I'm not affiliated with Morel's company in any way, but, as you can tell, I'm a huge fan!)

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    Default Re: Ayala Moriel

    This is a greatly overlooked line, I suppose because the creator is also a member of various perfume boards. And that's a shame.

    I don't really care for natural perfumes. I've been greatly turned off by a number of them, even as I approached them with no expectations. This visceral reaction didn't happen with the Moriel line, when I had a chance to test some samples that came along in a traveling sample box. The scents I tried had normal lasting power for parfum strength and the prices didn't seem out of line for something that was clearly made with quality ingredients. Plus--I will add--this perfumer didn't seem either to have a political agenda or to take more than beauty into consideration, which I appreciate. I don't need a lecture with a fragrance (or a food or a car). She seems like a gentle, introspective soul and it came through in her work.

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    Orion- you have NO idea !
    I second your, and Tovahleh's, recommendations.

    Ayala doesn't pay me to say this: I can't help it, if her soul speaks to me.

    It is a pleasure to give whatever money I can- to folks like Ayala, Neil, Liz Zorn, Serena.
    Not only are you getting a quality scent, with excellent materials-
    But these fragrances are imbued with the beauty [ inner and outer] of their creators.

    I can't emphasize enough, how worth it they are; and how important it is to to support such amazing human beings- artisanal work.

    I'll stop ranting now.
    I sound like a loon, I KNOW !
    But REALLY- do many large companies actually CARE that much ?

    I can say- with absolute certainty [ LOVE that pun, btw], that these folks DO.
    So, I'd rather give THEM my $$$....

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    Default Re: Ayala Moriel

    I have a set of samples from her. I have been working on a write up of these for some time now. It is not yet finished.

    Ayala has an amazing nose and would produce wonderful scents whatever materials she chose to work with. I honestly think she is one of the very best. The fact that she works with high quality naturals means that the perfumes are incredibly beautiful (though remeber that their sillage will be short lived compared to synthetics).
    "Don’t try to be original. Be simple. Be good technically, and if there is something in you, it will come out. ” - Henri Matisse.

    "Wear R de Capucci" - Hirch Duckfinder


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    Thank you to all for your responses. I really cannot wait to try these. I am hoping my asthma will allow me to wear them. So many of the synthetic ones are just too oppressive and I cannot stand to be in close proximity to them. Poison actually gives me welts. Not sure why, but it does.

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    Default Re: Ayala Moriel

    Well, I'm somewhat late to this thread but I hope my comments will still be of use. Perhaps now you've had a chance to sample some of Ayala's scents.
    I've had the real pleasure of visiting her studio twice. Each time she spent a very relaxed hour with me, explaining her approach to scents and letting me sniff not only samples but also her artistic palette of oils and infusions. She is truly a creative soul, and simply a very nice person. I'm proud to own six of her scents, and I wear them with pleasure. A little dab will do ya! They are subtle and different from the mainstream stuff. I can't recommend her too highly. Another fan!

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    Default Re: Ayala Moriel

    I will admit that I tried one and then put them away. They all seemed so heavy and cloying... not something to try on a 98 degree day. I will probably pull them out again soon to try, since it is getting much cooler now.

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