Hello everybody.
Most people have their mind on vacations right now but I have an extremely important task in front of me. I would like to prepare a very special gift for a very very very sweet girl It is going to be a collection of women's niche perfume samples and I have about 1 month to do it.
Some first words about the project. I'd like to use only official ( manufacturer ) samples. I don't have anything against decants, I use them myself, but there is a greater possibility that their quality isn't so good and I just think the whole pack will have a better appearance if I use only official stuff. So, the choices are ready sample sets and sets that I will have to compose myself by combining a number of samples from the same manufacturer. Until now I have ordered the following.

The first 4 are already here:

1. Andy Tauer discovery sample set - 6 samples, got lucky here, ordered 6 samples and Andy read the order note and arranged to send me the set for the same price, he practically spent the money from the order on the shipping
2. Ormonde Jayne sample programme - 10 samples, excellent customer service from Samantha who was very quick to answer emails and included an extra sample of Ormonde Man
3. Le Labo Discovery Set - 3 5ml rods, jasmin, iris, tubereuse thanks to a proud member of the Badger & Blade forum who ordered this and shipped it to me, and thanks to Le Labo who included their NY exclusive in the set, already posted elsewhere about this
4. Amouage boxed sample set ladies - 6 samples, thanks to proud member Zestycool for buying this from Harrods and shipping it to me, special credit to Dimitri who found the man for the mission

The fifth is in process

5. Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle ( in the process of ordering 9 samples, 1 by each perfumer )
Carnal Flower, Une Rose, Le Parfum De Therese already here ( by the way Le Parfum De Therese has a concentration of 12% and not the 9.95% pictured )
Noir Epices, En Passant, Lipstick Rose waiting for shipment
still to order Musc Ravageur, Iris Poudre ( the obvious choice from Pierre Bourdon, right? ) and one by Jean-Claude Helena, what to choose here? was thinking Bigarade Concentree because of the higher concentration and to have some citrus in there or is Angeliques Sous La Pluie a better choice for a woman?

We have 5 until now.
I need 3 more out of the next 7, for a total of 8 sets.
The choices are:

- Montale a pouch filled with 10-15 samples more appropriate for women - Any ideas on scents and how/where to purchase this?
- A set of Bond no9 small bonbon 12-15 samples - just because they are candywrapped and have a nice appearance. I have signed up on makeupalley and hopefully I'll find some of them.
- Lorenzo Villoresi set of 16 manufacturer samples - saw this only on the perfumed court out of stock, sent email to LV, they didn't answer, will probably have to call them - or some individual LV samples
- Etat Libre D'Orange discovery kit - 17 samples, thought this would be funny and sexy but I am not sure, haven't seen much enthusiasm about this brand on the forum
- Ayala Moriel set of 8 samples - have no idea about these, if I order I'll probably tell Ayala to choose the scents . Do you like this line?
- Parfumerie Generale private collection set of samples - don't have access to these, where is 007 when you need him?
- The Different Company sampling program - there is not an exact description of this on their website, probably last choice

I have chosen not to include brands like Creed, Serge Lutens, L'Artisan Parfumeur etc. because they are available in Greece. I have also read that the Serge Lutens non export line doesn't have liquid samples produced so we forget these too.
Ok, comments until now. Are the first 5 good choices? What would you choose for the last 3? Do you want to offer other options?
And about the packaging, I was thinking about a big gift box and inside it a 3x3 matrix with the 8 sets arranged around the middle position. What about this? You can always suggest a totally different way of doing this, I am open to any ideas.
Thanks for reading all this. Looking forward to your replies.