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    Default Body Kouros or Kouros Cologne Sport?

    I'm trying to decide which one to buy, either Body Kouros or Kouros Cologne Sport. If you were in my shoes, what would you do? I only want to buy one. I have not sampled either before, but I have sampled Kouros before and feel like I know what I am getting into. Any thoughts?
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    Default Re: Body Kouros or Kouros Cologne Sport?

    They are completely different.

    I consider Kouros Cologne Sport a lighter version of Kouros. Personally, I love Kouros for being the strong and bold fragrance that it is - I see no need for a lighter version of it. But some people like Kouros Cologne Sport just for that reason.

    Body Kouros is nothing like Kouros. It is more of an oriental/gourmand fragrance. I personally like this one a lot.
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    Default Re: Body Kouros or Kouros Cologne Sport?

    YOu may like both. Body Kouros is a simplistic gourmand (and after watching what you like (code, very sexy, magnetism) Id say you would not hate it... but if you are after Kouros then Sport is the version to try.
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    Default Re: Body Kouros or Kouros Cologne Sport?

    My vote is for Kouros Cologne Sport. It's a lighter version of Kouros without the urine note IMO.

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    Default Re: Body Kouros or Kouros Cologne Sport?

    While you have an idea what you're getting with Cologne Sport, you have no idea what you are getting with Body Kouros.

    Cologne Sport is a good all round, wear any time scent.

    Body Kouros is a heavy sweet oriental, good for going out at nights. I wasn't that thrilled with Body Kouros when I first got it, but it took a while, and now think it's marvellous.

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    Default Re: Body Kouros or Kouros Cologne Sport?

    Kouros Cologne Sport is another of the Kouros, Jr. genre. (Actually, of this genre, I prefer Kouros Fraicheur--but you didn't ask me that...)

    Body Kouros, on my skin, is a very linear vanillic scent. But I can appreciate that it develops much better on others.

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    Default Re: Body Kouros or Kouros Cologne Sport?

    They're both good, though nothing alike. Body Kouros has nothing to do with Kouros but the name. It's a nice sweet smoky spicy oriental. Kouros Cologne Sport is a lighter, fresher take on Kouros-- but it's a kind of spin off. The Cologne Sport editions are more of a departure than the Kouros Fraicheur, Kouros Summer, Kouros Tattoo etc. They are more like cousins to Kouros rather than descendants.

    Kouros Cologne Sport is very crisp, minty and fresh. Yet, it still does have what I perceive to be quite an animalic, funky character-- oddly, more so than Kouros Tattoo IMO. This fragrance becomes its own entity rather than trying to simply be a fresh take on Kouros. It's really in some ways a fragrance like no other. I can't think of a single fragrance that smells like Kouros Cologne Sport.

    I also want to add that Kouros Cologne Sport has one of the coolest bottles ever made. It cleverly reflects the classic Kouros stylings, and takes the design even further. The architecture of the bottle agrees completely with the contents.
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    Default Re: Body Kouros or Kouros Cologne Sport?

    And for that matter, Body Kouros has one of the ugliest, blandest, and just oddly shaped bottles ever made!

    Body Kouros has a very "thick" texture to it, when you spray it on, it almost feels as if you've covered yourself in some skin tight vinyl that still reeks of vanilla and candle wax from the escapades of the night before at the local fetish club.

    The smell itself isn't very 70's, but the texture and power of it is very 70's, IMO. Thick and suffocating. Whenever I wore it I always felt like "that guy" - y'know, the guy who is obviously wearing cologne for attention. It didn't matter if I went with 1 or 5 sprays, it was always too much.

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