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    Default Flowerbomb - not workin' for me

    I love the way this smells in the bottle, and then I love the first few minutes after applying (it smells exactly like what the reviews/ads say - like having your face in a huge bouquet of varied fresh flowers) but good LORD the pepper! After about 5 mins this smells like pepper, and it never changed into anything else on me. Boo. Hey, if anyone likes pepper, though, maybe give this a try?
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    Default Re: Flowerbomb - not workin' for me

    That sounds really good to me! I will have to give it a try.

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    Default Re: Flowerbomb - not workin' for me

    Maybe Flowerbomb Extreme may work better for you.

    I don't get pepper from Flowerbomb personally.
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    Default Re: Flowerbomb - not workin' for me

    I tried flowerbomb. The first few times I tried it I loved it... this last time I put on a mere drop and it was so sickeningly sweet I had to scrub it off because it made me nauseous.

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    Default Re: Flowerbomb - not workin' for me

    Flowerbomb is a bit like Angel; it defies description. I've never found it particularly floral. I haven't used mine in well over a year, but I do recall admiring a vague mimeograph quality. It smells as if it would squeak and I've always supposed that it was a deliberately engineered scud, metaphorically aping missile guidance systems and other fantastic technological achievements.

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    Default Re: Flowerbomb - not workin' for me

    I don't get pepper in Flowerbomb. I find it very sweet, and I only get a vague sense of jasmine, otherwise I dont' find it particularly floral. Mostly, it's just a sweetie to me. I rather like it, though I prefer Angel and Lolita Lempicka. But I think of it as that type.

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    Default Re: Flowerbomb - not workin' for me

    I know a lot of people seem to love this one, but I really don't. At first sniff I thought it might be good, but once I sprayed it on I found it creeping up on me like a nauseating cloud. It is way too powerful for me, and though I tend to love sweet, this is sweet in a sickly sort of way. Headache inducing for sure. I can't handle it. That being said I think many people seem to love this, but for me this is the sort of overbearing perfumery that I don't want to smell on me or anyone else. Cloying, not subtle at all. Not for me! Sorry.

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    Default Re: Flowerbomb - not workin' for me

    I also don't get any pepper in Flowerbomb. The patchouli makes it reminiscent of Angel, but it is alot softer and less edgy. It is safe and pretty but a little bland to me. Having said that it is the kind of fragrance I would buy to wear for work as it is unlikely to offend.

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    Default Re: Flowerbomb - not workin' for me

    Hmm, no pepper for me either. I would happily SWIM in the stuff if I could......Flowerbomb intense is smokier to me

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