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Thread: Mustang Blue

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    Default Mustang Blue

    In Walmart today I noticed the "new" Mustang Blue already on clearance for $10.00 (marked down from $18.86 for a 1 oz. bottle). This is the fastest I have ever seen a cologne go on clearance, especially since it just came out a month or two ago.

    Always open minded, I decided to buy a bottle. Here's a description:

    “The fragrance is infused with mint and basil to boost the tantalizing top. At the heart is an aromatic exhale of geranium, sage and artemisia. A cool and crisp intensity radiates from a high-spirited essence of pine and cedar leaf, while the perfect freshness that features spicy, wet cardamom, clove leaf and cypress transports the senses through an intriguing voyage.”

    It's a nice, light frag. It kind of reminds me of Tommy Bahama Very Cool, Clinique Happy or even Very Sexy 2 (all being the men's versions of course).

    I do smell what I believe to be Juniper Berry in it (or whatever I'm smelling based on this long thread):

    Of course this is another example of a fragrance that does not list Juniper Berry, so I am wondering if it's another note that I consider to be "foul."

    Luckily with this scent though, that foul part is quite subtle and I only notice it if I put my nose right to my skin. From a distance, it's quite nice (and a keeper...I think).

    It's interesting to note that this and the original Mustang are from Aramis! I had no idea. According to the cool blue tin container, it's made in Greece.
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    Actually, that sounds good. I love mint, and mint and basil work well together. And one of my all time favorite notes is a good artemisia - sage complements that as well. And then cedar leaf in there too? Jeez, talk about a thujone overload (the natural oils of sage, artemisia and cedar leaf all have the toxic chemical thujone in them). I'm assuming they are using synthetic substititutes of course.. I wonder how well they can capture the wonderful aromatic nature of those thujone infused oils.

    I'm guessing what you are noticing as foul is either sage or cedar leaf, or even the artemisia. They all have an aromatic bitter edge to them. Based on notes alone this is almost exactly what I've been looking for - I'm not going to get my hopes up though.
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    Default Re: Mustang Blue

    I think I'll pick up a bottle. At that price, what can it hurt? If I don't like it, I'll pass it on to my teenage nephew who will, no doubt, appreciate it.

    Mustang Blue...sounds like the name of a Country/Western song...
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    Default Re: Mustang Blue

    One thing I should point out is Wal*Mart's clearance prices do vary, as they are set individually by the dept. manager. SO it may be more, less, or may not even be on clearance at your local store. As we say in "Deal" Forums, "YMMV" (Your Mileage May Vary).

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    Default Re: Mustang Blue

    Its not bad ... albeit a bit generic smelling.
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    Default Re: Mustang Blue

    a quick search brought me here. I am interested in this fragrance but it is not listed in the Directory and thus there are no reviews or information on the notes etc. I found the original Mustang Fragrance there but not the newer Mustang Blue.

    How do fragrances get added to the directory??

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