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    I am 58 years old, and very fortunately, I don't have a line on my face; however, I did develop Rosacea, and my skin is very red and sensitive. In the winter, my skin can become so dry it gets flaky and stings. I recently have been using some samples of ReVive Skin Care products. I have to say, I am impressed. ReVive is very pricy. Does anyone know if there is any counterfeit ReVive on the market, or is it not popular enough to bother counterfeiting? I have found ReVive on E-Bay, listed by what appear to be reputable sellers. I usually don't buy new products on E-Bay, especially popular products. Does anybody know anything about ReVive?

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    Though I dont know much about revive skin care products, I came across some dead sea beauty products which works very nicely on your also gets rid of blemishes and aging marks.Dead Sea products also assist in motivation of collagen, cellulite reduction by means of creams, acne, eczema and psoriases. This supports in demising of wrinkles and ill effects of aging.
    dead sea products

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    Thank you for the information. I will check this out. When you have a condition like Rosacea, your always looking for something that will keep it under control, and from getting worse.

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    I'd go with another brand besides Dead Sea, I don't think anything about their ingredients is unique or high quality. ReVive supposedly makes very good cosmetics, however I am not personally familiar with them. I use a lot of Sisley products and have tried some La Mer and La Prairie. In my experience, nothing beats Sisley's moisturizers, they absorb without leaving a trace and you can find some great samples on the 'Bay.

    Make sure you use a mild cleanser and alcohol free toner before any moisture treatment.

    I'd try Global Anti Age (extra rich if you're dry), Restorative Facial Cream, Hydra Flash, and Express Flower Gel. You may also want Confort Extreme if your skin is sensitive and very dry (flaky, like you said).

    If Sisley is too pricey/unavailable, I love all the Skin Ceuticals products too. Their vitamin C serums are technologically advanced and their sunscreens are top notch.
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    I used ReVive products for several years but after a certain point, they didn't do much for me. At least, not enough to justify the cost. Initially the were quite effective though. Now the only product I still use from the line is Sensitif right after I get a laser treatment for rosacea.

    I alternate between several skin care products, depending on how my skin feels on a particular day, but I think the best products I still use that help with rosacea are B.Kamins Therapeutic Diamond Radiance Cellular Matrix Fortifier (SPF 15) and Sue Devitt Microaquatic Blue Anti-Aging Primer (SPF 30). Also, I keep Colorescience Sunforgettable Brush (SPF 30) in my purse in case I've been outside more than 4 hours to add an additional layer of protection from the sun. Avoiding sun damage & limiting alcohol and spicy food is the most effective way to keep rosacea at bay in my experience.
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    Metrogel and Metrocream also help enormously with rosacea. I know some of you may be avoiding non-over-the-counter-help but for those of you who don't mind using a prescription creme/gel. . . .

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    I too received several samples and used them and liked them. I too have very sensitive skin with a mild speck of rosacea. After using one of the creams I noticed it had glycolic acid in it, which I try to avoid, so I probably wont give the cream a fair test. The neck cream is nice, and my neck did feel a bit firmer.

    I have used Metrogel with some success.

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