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    Question Decant labelling options?

    Hi, folks. Thought this was the right sub-forum to ask this question:

    Decanters - what do you use to make your labels for your vials/5ml-10ml atomizers?

    I don't really want to go as far as to buy a PC-connected inkjet/laser printer; a cursory investigation reveals that there are handheld label printers from Brother etc. Are these any good?

    The best solution that I've encountered from another decanter so far [other than The Perfumed Court's black-and-gold loveliness, which I'm guessing isn't an economic option at this stage!] is labelling printed on a narrow strip of clear adhesive plastic backing. Anyone know how this can be achieved economically?

    Thanks in advance, as ever
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    Default Re: Decant labelling options?

    If you are referring to the Brother P-Touch, I would have to say that they are very good labeling machines. I use one around the office and it works very well. Pick a machine that takes smaller tape sizes just in case you want to label small sample vials and such.

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    I have the luxury of having an industrial printer at my work which I use to make my custom labels.

    But that Brother P-Touch is very easy to use and makes the labels up quick. I have one of those at work as well. Open the program, type and go. Very simple. And if you're doing a lot of different labels it's very economical.

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    Thanks guys

    Yes, I ended up buying a Brother P-Touch 1010. I've not used it in anger yet, but it seems more than up to the task - all sorts of different label size/colour combinations [including black on clear ].

    It's certainly a million miles away from the old rotating-wheel Dymo that was my last labelling device

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