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Thread: Tabac Blonde

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    Question Tabac Blonde

    I tried this a number of years ago. I would like to try it again. I would also like to know if it is still in production? The fragrance directory says it is. Is it difficult to find? I just looked around the net and I couldn't find any. I just took a cursery look though. Any help would be appreciated

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Tabac Blonde

    The Caron fragrances are most easily obtained from the Caron boutique in NYC. Just call up and the SA will be happy to ship to you.

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    In addition to the Caron Boutique, Tabac Blond can also be purchased from The Perfumed Court. They have great prices on large decants of some of the Caron urn perfumes.

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    They sell at the NY Caron boutique, but the 5ml starts at over a hundred dollars. The larger size you buy, the cheaper it becomes ($ per ml). Though, TPC buys the largest bottle and is able to decant for a bit cheaper. Their 5ml goes for $35 USD.

    Just wanted to note, I recently purchased the Tabac Blond from TPC and it's the recently reforumulated version spoken about in Perfume: The Guide by Tania Sanchez. It has the shell of what it smelt like, but dries down to a cheap chypre as she says in the book. Also, the juice is no longer a rich amber color instead a clear to faint yellow.

    Not worth buying in my opinion.

    Oh, I'm also assuming you're talking about the extriat, right?
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    I saw Tabac Blond at Fortnum & Mason in London 2 weeks ago. It was in "Les Fontaines de Caron". They also had Narcisse Noir and Narcisse Blanc.

    The problem is that all these beautiful perfumes have been reformulated and that they are totally different and of very poor quality now.

    You may find a vintage bottle on Ebay but prices are quite high.
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    I tried the extrait in a shop in Zurich a few months ago and it was heavenly. Don't know if that encourages you to try the higher concentrations...
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