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    Default L'Erbolario - General Review

    Apologies for the length (I hope this is not off topic)

    After a thread on Basenotes, I decided to visit the local "L'Erbolario" shop.

    To be honest I was expecting an Italian version of Body Shop. I was kind of disappointed. The local branch was small, smelled funny, had no air conditioning, and the girl manning the shop clearly had an attitude problem.

    The range of products is impressive; there's bath stuff, talc, soaps, shaving cream - everything really for any kind of perfume layering. I was intending on purchasing more, and I had more stuff on my list from their website, however the girl manning the shop had no clue what half the products where - so again, I was rather disappointed. Knowledge of the product being sold should be a main priority.

    I ended up purchasing a shampoo - which is good for daily or regular use and aids against hair loss. They have a fantastic range of shampoos, although when I asked the girl to help me find the specific shampoo I wanted, she simply told me that it should be "there somewhere, with all the other shampoos".

    My other purchases where quite disappointing. I wanted a specific pre-shave soap - I ended up getting a normal soap. The soap is rather nice - even though I'm still trying to figure out what the ingredients are. And what was meant to be a shower gel turned out to be a lotion. The fact that everything seems to be labelled in Italian doesn't help. I do speak Italian, however I've never really thought I need to brush up my vocabulary in Italian in order to visit a shop locally.

    All their literature and most of their instructions are just in Italian.

    The plus side, as I said, is their range. Most products have testers, most scents are available in a number of products: soaps, shower gels, talc, lotion, EdT and some even in EdP.

    I tested two Colognes; Acqua di Colonia is a rather busy scent, which I think fails to develop. My friend seemed to like it - however it's got nothing to do with any classic Eau de Cologne. Their Vetiver de Reunion wasn't very nice. It smelt of damp. One of the soaps I bought, labeled "Verde" has a rather nice scent to it - I wonder what their EdT smells like.

    They have a huge range though, including Tea and Cedar, Tea and Spices, Iris, a good (synthetic) musk range and some other Incense-like scents etc.

    Their range is impressive, and most items are quite reasonable, although you could easily get carried away and end up with a larger bill than intended.

    Unfortunately, being the only person in the shop was quite annoying. The girl manning the shop seemed genuinely uninterested in the products and in selling any. Popping into the shop seemed to disturb her game of Sudoku. If the people in the shop are going to take that attitude, I'd rather take my custom elsewhere. Alas, good customer service seems to be a thing of the past.

    When compared with other similar shops, I'm sorry to say, it fails miserably.

    I would go back to try the rest of their stuff, but I got the impression that my custom isn't really needed.
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    Default Re: L'Erbolario - General Review

    Hey you Malteser I am looking for the Erbolario shop in Malta! I went two or three years ago somewhere in sliema but I cant remember exactly where! I dont live here and I am here for holidays, got five days to look for it! Please if you know where it is give me the street name. Nobody knows about it here. Thanks please reply asap

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