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    Post Royal House of Prince Obolenski Musk Oil (vintage)


    I'm interested to know if there's basenoters who are familiar with this brand and could perhaps open up and provide some additional information, which would be highly appreciated. I have a musk oil from this fragrance line. It's definitely vintage, the person who sold it told me that it's from 70's or even earlier (back in days he received it as a present),
    I tried to search some information on internet, but managed to only scrap a surface.
    It turns out that the NYC based company that produced this range (Louangel Corporation) is not-so-surprisingly out of operation nowadays. They used to produce also at least 'russian leather' titled fragrance. Basenotes database provided another one fragrance under Louangel, 'British Crown'', I believe that their products used to be moderately priced, saw a picture of one of these ''russian leather'' bottles which had printed label of (5$) on it. Unfortunately current market value do not follow this price range, and they seem to be sold on pricerange between 10-100+$.

    Now to the musk oil itself. It took over 4hours before I got anything out of it (and my skin normally work quite fast with musk). But now as I believe it opened up, I have to admit that this must be simply the oddest musk I've ever encountered. It generates ''cool'' effect on the skin, like if there was fresh mint rubbed on your skin. Behind this lurks the musk itself, quite dark and pungent. A distant remiscent of Narciso musc oil and add some mint on it, and you got it. I'm not sure if I can pull it off by wearing it on a formal parties. But alone at home, I might just go for it. Like so many other vintage fragrance enthusiastic basenoters, I only can sigh and mumble ''why don't they do this type of perfume no longer''.
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    Default Re: Royal House of Prince Obolenski Musk Oil (vintage)

    I don't know anything about this, but I did do a quick search. Check this out:

    Do a word search on Obolenski and then read what follows. Non-specific, and I don't know how much it pertains to your query, but you might find it interesting.

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