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    Thumbs down Pure, Sweet, Melty Dark Chocolate

    I'm having a heck of a time getting my mits on a really pure dark chocolate perfume.

    Closest I can get thus far is Serendipitous by Serendipity3. It's very nice, but a little more 'chocolate milkshake' than a dark, expensive candy scent.

    Second closest is made by FRESH, called Chocolate Orange Shea Butter. It is absolutely dreamy, close to perfect, but there seems to be no perfume available in it. There is a "petit soap" available, however, so that's something.

    Also tried BLISS by Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs. Reviews led me to believe that would ring my chimes, but it turned out to be a Chips Ahoy cookie smell. . .very annoyingly so.

    I've got Chocoholics, but there's a sharply intense something going on there (not the orange; I like that). Maybe it's chemically?

    Tried Jailia (sp?) via a sample from Lucky Scents, but it features the same bad something that Chocoholics has.

    Haven't tried yet, but would welcome comments on:

    DEMETER's "Tootsie Roll" or "Devil's Food"

    COMMES DES GARCON's Series 7 "Spicy Chocolate"

    AYALA MORIEL's "Guilt"

    WORTH's "Courtesan"

    Any others. . . ?

    What I want: A single-note dark sweet chocolate or pure cocoa perfume. Along the lines of a desserty granache, or a Hershey's syrup. I want to layer it with other single notes like Cinnamon, Raspberry, Orange, Caramel, etc., so it must be a stand-alone chocolate.

    What I do NOT want: Any whiff of soap, fruit, musk, woodsiness, patchouli, chemicals, batter, dough, cookie, hazelnut or other nuts, or ANYTHING ELSE BESIDES CHOCOLATE/COCOA. The only exception might be orange mixed in there.

    Sorry , did not intend that last part as hollering .

    If you can suggest a perfumer, mainstream or not, one who has something you think fits my Naked Dark Chocolate description (hey, not a bad name, eh?), my immense appreciation goes out to you. Would a simple absolut cocoa essence be the answer?

    While I'm on it, what IS it that lends a chemical and/or soapy smell to perfumes? Is the blending agent to blame?

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    Default Re: Pure, Sweet, Melty Dark Chocolate

    Have you tried Aquolina Chocolovers?

    There is also the Chocolate Emporium Chocolate Perfume:
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    Default Re: Pure, Sweet, Melty Dark Chocolate

    Maybe Amour de Cacao from Comptoir Sud Pacifique.
    I love Belgian chocolate but I don't like chocolate perfumes. I won't be of any help.
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    Default Re: Pure, Sweet, Melty Dark Chocolate

    I would say Amour de Cocao from Comptoir Sud Pacifique, it is mostly chocolate, but there is a little orange zest in there too. Reminds me of opening up a bar of my favorite dark chocolate with orange peel. This sounds like just the thing you are asking for. It is awesome for layering, and seems to go along well with tons of different smells. I work for a chocolate shop (so I know my sweets), and this is the best chocolate scent I have found. Chocolate is a difficult scent to recreate and lots of other ones have a plasticy smell that I just can't stand, but this one is lovely. Give it a try!

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    Default Re: Pure, Sweet, Melty Dark Chocolate

    Posets is a small niche line of perfume (I think at that is relatively 'famous' for their chocolate scents. I would check out the website and write to the owner--I suspect she'll be able to hook you up with her most chocolatey scent AND the line is very reasonably priced. Also, FRESH used to make several different chocolate fragrances which you can still get on eBay I believe. One of them, and I forget the name, is a very nice orange chocolate. Not too sweet or silly. I have a decant of it somewhere around here...if you want me to send you a bit of it to try--when I find it (good grief!) --just PM me.

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    Default Re: Pure, Sweet, Melty Dark Chocolate

    Il Profumo does a few chocolate perfumes. I've only tried Chocolat Amere and it is a very deep, dark chocolate scent that is very nice.

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    Default Re: Pure, Sweet, Melty Dark Chocolate

    Yep I recommend you try Amour de Cacao and Il Profumo Chocolat.

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    Default Re: Pure, Sweet, Melty Dark Chocolate

    Thanks to all for the responses. For the sake of future Pure Chocolate-fixated readers, I'll list what I know of the ones suggested thus far:

    Aquolina Chocolovers: Have this one. Not sure where it goes bad for me -- probably the musk notes, and the lemon. It gets intense, and the chocolate is soon overpowered.

    Chocolate Emporium's Chocolate Perfume: The website doesn't list the notes, but I'll take a chance of this one and report back -- thanks!

    Amour de Cacao: from Comptoir Sud Pacifique. Forgot to mention having tried this at Nordstrom last week. I think it's the starfruit note that goes too far, obscuring the pure chocolate, but I'll test it again.

    Il Profumo's Chocolat Amere: This one has the darned sandalwood and incense notes. Il Profumo makes a plain Chocolat, too, but it had woodsy and floral notes.

    FRESH Chocolate Orange -- lizzie that may be the very thing I was hoping to find. I have their Chocolate Orange Shea Butter, and there is a petit soap bar still available as well, but I've yet to get lucky with the fragrance on eBay. I would be thrilled to get a sample (and will pay for it), so I'll PM you. And I'll also post a "Want it Now" on eBay, now that I know it existed. I'm also checking out the chocolates at, thanks for that.
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    Default Re: Pure, Sweet, Melty Dark Chocolate

    I know you're asking for pure chocolate with nothing else, but the closest I can get to extra-dark chocolate is Piment et Chocolat, by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz.

    Top notes: black pepper, paprika, pimento berry, red chili
    Heart notes: cinnamon, clove, nutmeg
    Base notes: cocoa beans, dark chocolate

    A couple of the reviews highlight the cinnamon and spiciness, but that spice tempers the sweetness and keeps it from smelling like a Hershey bar or Cocoa Puffs cereal. I think the spice adds a depth to the chocolate, and I've said before that this perfume is how I imagine Vianne's Chocolaterie smells in the movie Chocolat... exotic, dark, and chocolaty, but not too sweet.

    The Dawn Spencer Hurwitz website offers individual samples or sampler packs. I understand this may still not be what you seek, but I hope it's helpful!
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    Default Re: Pure, Sweet, Melty Dark Chocolate

    tang -- nice timing! -- I was just now copying that description from the DSH page. I agree, it sounds like a great candidate, with the bonus of cinnamon. It must smell just like Mexican Cocoa.

    A search of this forum also brought up:

    Jazzelle. . . from Lagniappe Oaks in New Orleans. Orange blossom and rose hips, dusted with cinnamon and then drenched in Belgium chocolate.

    Beautiful Us Chocolate Cosmos. . . A rich, warm chocolate fragrance with notes of jasmine, blood orange, chocolate and cinnamon.

    Tutti Dolce Chocolate Fondue. . . by B&BW?. . . a rich, dark, chocolate.

    The latter comes up on ebay, so that's promising.

    Does it ever bug you, though, having to pay half a dozen separate shipping fees just to get yourself some damn samples ? The New Orleans shop would charge $8.50 for mailing a $6.50 sample. . . but they have you over a barrel when they have something special, huh .
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    Default Re: Pure, Sweet, Melty Dark Chocolate

    Sali Oguri Persephone, I'm not sure what else was in this but pretty dark chocolate seemed to dominate, along with various fruits strewn across the path. Needless to say, I loved it

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    Default Re: Pure, Sweet, Melty Dark Chocolate

    The Perfumed Court has both Piment et Chocolat and Beautiful Us Chocolate Cosmos, as well as Chocolate Sampler sets, if that might help to consolidate any sample purchases. (Not affiliated.)
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    Default Re: Pure, Sweet, Melty Dark Chocolate

    Montale Chocolate Greedy

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    Default Re: Pure, Sweet, Melty Dark Chocolate

    A few months late in updating this thread. . . but frankly it took awhile to afford and then acquire all the various samples, and to live with them. . . the latter of which was often challenging, in the worst cases. Turns out there are some terribly cloying chocolates out there, lemme tell ya. When they were bad, they were SO bad, and I would rush to hose myself down after 15 minutes or so of near nausea.

    My heartfelt thanks go out to all who contributed to my Chocolate knowledge base . Special appreciation goes to Lizzie (see our exchange above), for mailing me a lovely sample of Fresh Index f21c Fleurs de Chocolat, an orange chocolate blend that is at once subtle, yummy, and grown-up. At least in my olfactory judgment. It turned out to be the winner, by a mile. . . *hugs* to Lizzie!

    Problem is, it has been discontinued for quite some time, so I've had to ponder buying very pricey .2 ounce samples off ebay, or wait around for the 100 ml bottle to pop up, without too many bidders. That finally happened today, so I got the big bottle for $39! Score! I am very excited.

    The other that I liked a lot was from that Bourbon Street perfumery in New Orleans. The scent is called Jazzelle, and smells like Mexican Cocoa, a mix of milk chocolate and cinnamon. Not nearly as cheerful and fresh as the Fleurs de Chocolat, but very sensual and genuine in its notes, so I'll be wearing it (or layering it) as a winter scent.

    So many of the others proved instantly irritating, mostly because they smelled either fake, sickly sweet, incense-ish, or Chips Ahoy-like on the skin. That list includes:

    Comptoir Sud Pacifique: Amour de Cacao
    Montale: Chocolate Greedy
    Beautiful Us: Chocolate Cosmos
    Aqualina: Chocolovers
    Profumi di Pantelleria: Jailia
    Black Phoenix Labs: Bliss

    Also there were two from a perfumer I cannot recall at the moment, but the fragrances were "Glee" and "Giddy". One was quite good -- I believe it was Glee -- but the other was annoying.

    The culprit for me, in several I tried, was either the addition of patchouli, or woodsy ingredients. I'm up for a bit of floral and vanilla in the mix, but that's about it.

    Thank you again for all your advise, one and all .

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