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    Default Floris: Summer Limes = Limes ?!


    has anyone any approved info if Floris Summer Limes is the same juice as Floris Limes?

    Summer Limes came out in the summer of 2003. The normal Limes seems to be somewhat hundred years or so old ..

    SO, is SL basically the same juice in an updated bottle? Or is it an altered juice?
    I havent had the opportunity to smell side by side, so any input is appreciated.


    P.S. The Summer Limes version seems to be out of stock :-(
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    Default Re: Floris: Summer Limes = Limes ?!

    what??! has no one tried both??!!

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    Default Re: Floris: Summer Limes = Limes ?!

    oh, and does anyone know where the Summer Edition is still available in (or niear) Germany? it seems like the "Summer" tag was a one-off thing a few years ago...

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    Default Re: Floris: Summer Limes = Limes ?!

    Don't feel too bad M, Floris fragrances have pretty much disappeared in the US since they closed their stores. Had the New York store still been open, I would have gone in to try and see if I could help answer your question, but as it is, "Yes" we have no Floris anymore. I sometimes go to Harrods just to sample them.

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    Default Re: Floris: Summer Limes = Limes ?!

    joe, thanx for your effort to post :-)
    i called a Floris representative to ask my Q about Limes, and hte answer is, that both juices are exactly the same. just a different bottle.
    additionally, Limes has been removed from the market in germany officially in 2006.
    what a pity!!
    anyway, i found it in the KaDeWe in Berlin ;-))


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    Default Re: Floris: Summer Limes = Limes ?!

    It's really sad, we had a great Floris store on Madison Avenue in New York for years, and now it is gone. I would always enjoy stopping in there for something on a Saturday walk around the stores up and down Madison Ave. C'est la vie.

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    Default Re: Floris: Summer Limes = Limes ?!

    Actually, Floris will have a new US distributor. But I'm not sure how it will shape up. One of Floris's independent distributors is being "shut out" per This thread on Badger & Blade. The vendor Vintage Blades LLC has a nice selection of Floris products at 40% off while they last.

    This development in Floris's distribution style is somewhat disheartening.

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