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    Wink Perfume virgin looking for my own perfume


    as of today I have decided to try perfumes to eventually find my own. It seems many scents do not suit my skin or I don't like them at all. Today, I tried Hypn˘se from Lanc˘me and I don't like it. It smells of vanilla like a thousand of perfumes and is very light and girly as well as faint. It was eau de parfum and after 2 hours, I can't smell anything on my wrists anymore.

    Maybe you can help steer me in the right direction? I am a dark brunette with pale skin and a strong smell (that is, of course, kept under control). I am rather intellectual and quiet but can be especially energetic and funny at times. I work in a professional setting. I dress in a simple and practical way with little makeup and few jewels. I don't like light flowery scents that don't make a statement or cheap perfumes that smell synthetic. I'm ready to put in the amount needed to have the right scent that represents me but I am not looking for a scent to attract love interest, only a scent to make a personal statement and maybe get good comments.
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    Default Re: Perfume virgin looking for my own perfume

    Try Thierry Mugler Angel. Applied lightly it could be great for office wear, spray it on less sparingly and it'll make a statement.. and then some!
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    Default Re: Perfume virgin looking for my own perfume


    First, welcome to Basenotes.

    It's very hard to predict what you will like, especially since scents tend not to work with your skin chemistry. My best suggestion would be just to hang out on the boards, read them, and make a list of fragrances that sound interesting you, and then try them.

    It's very important that you try them on your skin, not on paper, and try to wear them at least a day, or better yet, go through the whole sample, before you commit to buying one.

    It's a process -- enjoy!

    EDIT: For some reason, Lolita Lempicka just came to mind. It's related to Thierry Mugler's Angel, but fruitier, and the bottle is delightful. Maybe that would work for you.
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    +1 on what lynnaea said.

    Where about in Canada are you located in? I could suggest a few boutiques here and there. Try to stay away from local malls and department stores trying to push the latest thing and instead specialized stores carrying good quality stuff. It's best you walk in and look around, test this and that and decide what best fits you.
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    Since you didn't care for Hypn˘se, you might like something a bit darker, with less sweetness. One fragrance that comes to mind is Narciso Rodriguez for Her - since it's not light and girly, and not owned by everyone and her mother, it seems like it could be a statement fragrance. Another is Voleur de Roses. I see both of these as being floral, but in a way that is dark and intriguing. Another dark scent I could recommend is Black Cashmere by Donna Karan. You might look at the Basenotes Awards section of the site and focus on the fragrances that won for eveningwear, unless you're looking for something specifically for an office environment - in that case, there is a daywear category as well. Good luck.

    P.S. You might also consider Oliban by Keiko Mecheri, which is somewhat like Black Cashmere with its prominent incense note.
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    Default Re: Perfume virgin looking for my own perfume

    Thank you for the list of perfumes to try. When I went back to the store, they had none of them so I'll be going to a larger store to find them.

    Yesterday I tried Noa by Cacharel. It ended up being a similar experience to trying Hypn˘se with this vanilla scent lingering faintly after about an hour or so. I found another store near work that carried more perfumes (that were not under lock and key) and tried Poison by Dior in the afternoon. That one was, to me, more personable. However, I am not sure about the smell of cloves that comes out after about 20 minutes. I liked that it was staying on, though, as I could still smell a spicy aura at the end of the afternoon (and it was not my B.O). No comments at work but upon smelling, my loved one at home thought it was special.

    I'm in Montreal, Canada. The biggest perfume place I know of in the city is forbidden to the nose of regular men who find crossing the place repelling and prefer to cross outside over to Future Shop before heading home. I never really stopped by and smelled around, to tell you the truth because there are ladies at different counters and they can be as agressive as the guys at the fair who want your bucks to win a huge plushie. There's also another place on Sherbrooke W. near the upscale stores and hotels that seem to carry many perfumes. They are specialized. I'm sure I could find there what you have suggested.
    The weekend will be my perfume weekend. I will let you know how it goes.

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    Default Re: Perfume virgin looking for my own perfume

    Hi Julie - welcome to BN. I'll second the suggestions made before, especially Lynnaea's of reading the boards here for some ideas on things to try.

    I have an eccentric but logical theory of how to help us get a better idea of what your tastes are: the Guerlain test. You go to the Guerlain counter in a big department store and you ask to test the classics - Mitsouko, Shalimar, Jicky, Vol de Nuit, L'Heure Bleue, Chamade and Apres l'Ondee. They might not have all of them, but try what you can. Because almost all of us here on BN have smelled the Guerlain range, it's something of a 'lingua franca' between us and based on what you like and what you hate, we can make good suggestions.

    Also, the Guerlain range is such that I believe there really is something for everyone in it. Based on your reactions so far, I suspect you might not like Shalimar (vanilla) or Apres l'Ondee (light and watery) but I reckon you might well jump up and down and shout hooray at Mitsouko, Vol de Nuit or L'Heure Blue.
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    Default Re: Perfume virgin looking for my own perfume

    If you are looking for a perfume that makes a statement, the Montale Aoud line might just fit the bill.
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    Default Re: Perfume virgin looking for my own perfume

    I got to try a few more perfumes based on your recommendations. I tried Mitsouko and it did not do at all for me. Something in it just made me nauseous and I had to rub it off after an hour or so. I tried Nasciso Rodriguez for Her and, although I liked the initial round and more masculine smell, it lost its interest. It became rather plain after about half an hour. I tried two different rose perfumes from Annick Goutal just because I love rose but the perfumes were rather simple and became faint rapidly.

    I went back another time to the Guerlain's counter to try Vol de nuit. The opening note just made me gag, I thought I would have the same experience as with Mitsouko but after half an hour something in it mellowed out. A note stood out that had me repeateadly smell my wrist over and over again, kept beckoning while I was in the middle of things. It definitely has a little something special. So far, Vol de nuit is the only one I really liked and that worked on me. I will keep trying more of your recommendations.

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    Default Re: Perfume virgin looking for my own perfume


    I'm very new to the world of fragrances too, but if you like roses, you should try Guerlains Nahema.

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    Default Re: Perfume virgin looking for my own perfume

    I could see you wearing chypres as long as not too sweet woody or ambery orientals. Here some suggestions:
    Fendi Palazzo and Theorema
    YSL Rive Gauche and Nu
    Dior Poison and Dioressence
    Piguet Bandit and Fracas
    Guerlain Mitsouko and Jicky
    Givenchy Ysatis and III
    Frederic Malle Noir Epices and Une fleur de Cassie
    Chanel 31, Rue Cambon, Bois des Iles and No. 19
    Tom Ford Black Orchid
    Narciso Rodriguez for her

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    Default Re: Perfume virgin looking for my own perfume

    Welcome juliel

    Have you tried Dune by Christian Dior, Ormond Jayne Ta'if, or The Different Company's Rose Poivre ?
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    Default Re: Perfume virgin looking for my own perfume

    If its not too late, give Hermes Hiris a shot. i have a miniature and actually used it once and had a lday tell me i smelt really good...

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    Default Re: Perfume virgin looking for my own perfume

    I second Dune (Dior). It manages to be classic but eccentric at the same time. It evokes a feeling rather than leading one to identify individual notes as it progresses.

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