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Thread: Lanvin L'Homme

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    Smile Lanvin L'Homme

    Im seriously thinking of buying this scent! Blind! What should i expect? Be honest! Let the testimonials begin

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    Lanvine L'homme is a very subtle, very nice clean citrus scent which has a sensual aura. I used to wear it as my day wear fragrance in summers when I was a student.
    I recommend it whole heartedly!
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    Default Re: Lanvin L'Homme

    Very very very subtle & hard to detect scent .... its almost as fresh & crisp as the air we breath .

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    It's a good fresh lavender scent.

    My bottle from 8 years ago was a powerhouse, and was one of the few scents where I had to cut down from 6 squirts to 4 squirts.
    Alas I finished that bottle, and my new one, while still okay is in no way the powerhouse my old bottle was.

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    hmmmm havent tried it yet... but im quite a fan of lavender... another to note on the consideration list...

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    Inoffensive, fresh, clean... I've had it for quite a while and will buy a second bottle sometime in the next year or so.

    More than most any other men's fragrance I'm aware of, it's nearly impossible to find Lanvin L'Homme offensive. It's a great work (interview!) fragrance.

    It's not a "hey baby" scent to get the ladies.

    It's not a complex wonder of a smell: not completely linear, but not too far from it.

    From what I recall, pricing is very reasonable.

    hope this helps
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    Similar to Tiffany Sport, but more subtle, yet still detectable and long lasting. Recommended!!!
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    Don't be shy on the trigger and you'll smell it the whole day, leaving a decent wake. The drydown has the same vibe as Carolina Herrera 212 pour Homme. Your shirt will smell great until at least the next day when you can throw it in the wash.

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    Perfect inoffensive office frag -- especially nice for warm weather.

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    I just recently bought a bottle. I like it quite a bit.

    Inoffensive maybe, but without being generic.

    It has a subtle sandalwood dry down, but unlike most sandalwood fragrances, it is great for summer.

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    Well, I didn't like it... It starts a bit sharp and then turns to something herbal, I could swear I smelt some cypress... In some way It reminded me of Lanvin Oxygene, as if It was an Oxygene Light.

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