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    Default Fresh, that stays fresh

    I like fresh, citrus-cologne like scents. Fresh notes, however, tend to fade quickly on me (or anyone?) while sweet ones (which I despise) seem to stay forever. Eau de Guerlain, a wonderful fresh citrus with no detectable sweet basenotes, is completely gone after 10 Minutes. So is Eau Imperial. Eau Sauvage lives a little longer, but draws last breath after one or two hours. Pour Monsieur is great, but only in its first five minutes.

    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Fresh, that stays fresh

    I have no longevity problems with Nina Ricci Signoricci.

    I also would recommend looking into Miller Harris Tangerine Vert and Citron Citron.
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    Default Re: Fresh, that stays fresh

    Signoricci is an awesome EDT. It has nothing to ask from AdP, Chanel or Guerlain fragrances.

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    Default Re: Fresh, that stays fresh

    Azzaro Chrome - burst of freshness..

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    Default Re: Fresh, that stays fresh

    Gendarme Sky has such a sweetly-fresh lime note in it (chlorine? only if you have bad skin! ) and it lasts on me like no other! I love it. That, and Un Jardin sur le Nil, has a fizzy grapefruit/sweet mango note in it that isn't overly-sweet nor synthetic. Citrus-fruits work wonders on my skin as well, and those two are, BY FAR, the best for freshness.

    Oh, if you want something more gentleman-oriented, Hugh Parsons Blue may do well on you. It's a little more aquatic, but still has a fresh feel to it, minus the citrus orientation

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    Default Re: Fresh, that stays fresh

    This old thread might help you:

    I think you need to try Monsieur Balmain by Balmain.
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    Default Re: Fresh, that stays fresh

    Another vote for Signoricci.
    Also, YSL Pour Homme (and the concentrated version) offer very good longevity.
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    Default Re: Fresh, that stays fresh

    Hmm. I don't know if I would call this "fresh" exactly, but Lorenzo Villoresi Uomo is a citrus scent that lasts most of the day on me. I'm not much of a fresh/citrus kinda guy though, so take this with a grain of salt. It is a citrusy scent that lasts, though!

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    Default Re: Fresh, that stays fresh

    Azzaro Chrome is monster citrus feshness which lasts all day long, under extreme conditions where many others just wash away.

    Aqua di Portofino EDP is nearly as good as Chrome.
    Aqua di Portofino EDT is nearly as good as Chrome longevity wise, but heavy perserpiration willl wash it away.

    D&G Masculine has decent lemon lasting power, as does Art of Shaving Lemon Essential Oil.

    My other really smelling fresh scent is Tommy T, but it's not a citrus.

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    Default Re: Fresh, that stays fresh

    From my own recent research, I would suggest to look at:
    Eau de Rochas Pour Homme
    Burberry Summer
    Clinique Happy & Live Jazz - I actually have these 2, and they are nice, but I can't really say yet how long they last.
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    Default Re: Fresh, that stays fresh

    Chrome by Azzaro, like jenson said.

    It was 32° today, did 4 sprays of Chrome, I was fresh all day.

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    Default Re: Fresh, that stays fresh

    The most resilient citrus-based fragrance I have tried is Lostmarc'h DIN DAN.

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    Default Re: Fresh, that stays fresh

    These ones have great longevity:
    - Moschino Friends
    - Hilfiger Athletics
    - Polo Black (if you like fresh green mango smell)

    And I second YSL pour homme!

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