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    Default Tried Neil Morris and Nelly Rodi

    Boggling line. They all share a chemistry class note I found. A clinical note mingles within the 3 scents I tried from the line today. I don't know what to think yet as I'm trying to figure these out still. i wanted to try Gotham badly but could not find it. I don't test more than 5 scents on a day since I don't think you can really discern too specifically after that even with coffee beans. Kinda like when you get tipsy after testing too many wines the notes and flavors get muddled.

    Afire started very nice.. I got a hot sweet burst of vanilla with burnt caramel, creme brulee like and little tartness. I was liking it a lot THEN it dropped into a chemical smell with sour woods that made me think I tipped over my bunsen burner in chemistry class and set a strange chemical afire.

    Nelly Rodi ROCKS! I loved the rum and the Incense was strange something I would not wear but I liked it. Rose was luscious very rich with a glowing sun kissed sweetness. Again nothing I'd wear but I like it. Rum I'd wear for sure. Sweet, sumptuous, with the right amount of rough vigor from the rum to make it dance.

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    Default Re: Tried Neil Morris and Nelly Rodi

    Afire sounds incredible.

    Just got 4 samples from NMF actually. Afire, Zephyr, Midnight Sea, and Storm. Will post reviews as there are basically none on basenotes.
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