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    Default Recently quit smoking and noticed my taste is changing

    I'll keep the backstory brief. I've smoked for almost eight years and finally got tired off it and I'm pretty sure I've quit for good. Haven't had a smoke in a week and I'm still going strong so here's hoping.

    What's interesting is that I expected my sense of smell to improve once I quit, and it did. Smelling Terre D Hermes was like smelling it for the first time, and it was mindblowing. The weather was perfect for it too, high 80s in the evening, low humidity (for around here anyway), etc.

    There are two things that surprised me though:

    1: How many people have commented on the fact I smell better. Nothing highlights olfactory habituation more than smoking. Just because I couldn't smell the smoke on me doesn't mean that my friends didn't. Now that I don't smell like smoke, whatever I'm wearing doesn't have to compete with the odor of Camels and is free to develop on its own. I was told that I smelled manly be a girl 8 years my junior while wearing Terre, and a corporate VP said she wished she could get her husband to smell like me when I was wearing Gendarme V.

    2: This may be a psychological thing now that I don't smell like smoke but I've been really craving a good masculine, barbershop/soap clean smell. I tried Rive Gauche a few years back but for some reason on my skin it didn't smell right to me. Now I know why: The combination of barbershop clean with smoke was too jarring.

    That being said, I'd like to celebrate my newfound olfactory freedom with a new fragrance. I'm thinking of trying Rive Gauche again, now that I'm getting older and more comfortable I really think I can get behind it. What other slightly old fashioned, masculine fragrances in that vein should I be on the lookout for?

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    Default Re: Recently quit smoking and noticed my taste is changing

    Very true observations you have made.

    As a heavy smoker I know I dont smell as good to others as I could were I not a smoker.

    Clean frags and Aquatics are a terrible combination with cigarette smoke! A co worker who also smoked heavily wear AdG and Bulgari Aqua. Even I detested the combination of aquatic with cig smoke. It was horrible.

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    Default Re: Recently quit smoking and noticed my taste is changing

    Kudos to you on qutting!

    well i do smoke as over the weekend over a drink..cant resist it over a drink. well the point im driving to is this: i drive to work and on way one other collegue joins me. now whn i enter my all basenoter here, the car just fills up with my, this colleague...smokes like a chimney...and when he enters the car! its a nuclear holocaust!! it almost negates my destruction. so, i think it makes sense, ur sense of smell does get better without it...

    p.s. i dont allow smoking in car.
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    Default Re: Recently quit smoking and noticed my taste is changing

    Congrats on quitting smoking- it's one of the hardest things to give up and the best thing you could do for your health. I did it years ago and it was like I was smelling things for the first time. I also got lots of compliments on how much better I smelled.

    Keep it up! You won't be sorry- think of all that cigarette money you can spend on scents!

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    Default Re: Recently quit smoking and noticed my taste is changing

    Speaking of smoking/tobacco, I just got Cuba Orange. It's a lighter version of Dunhill Desire with a hint of Bois du Portugal. It provides just the right blend, for me, but I think a smoker would need something stronger, or he might not even detect CO (unless it was applied in large amounts).

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    Default Re: Recently quit smoking and noticed my taste is changing

    Congratulations on quitting! I wish my dad would one day quit... but probably not.

    I guess what you do with your body really does have a significant impact on your B.O.

    Anyway, enjoy your new-found olfactory freedom! Sample like there's no tomorrow!
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