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    Default Lubin Le Vetyver

    For those who have tried Le Vetyver; do you feel this is in fact a frag that has at it's core, vetiver? Or do you feel it's core is wood-incense-spice? I absolutely love it and I am looking to add a vetiver to my collection. I am just not sure this fits the bill.

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    Default Re: Lubin Le Vetyver

    I think it's a fantastic, earthy, dry vetiver. It's like Guerlain's but without the sweetness... just true, multi-faceted, and gritty.
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    Default Re: Lubin Le Vetyver

    At its core it is the light green innocent vetiver that is used in Guerlain's Vetiver. It is not as sweet as Guerlain and it is very smokey in the drydown. A nice vetiver but not as pure a vetiver as some. Very similar to Guerlain but a little more modern and updated.

    All of these vetivers are as good as Lubin but each takes vetiver in a slightly different direction. All, including Lubin are bottleworthy. Givenchy Vetyver (dry woody vetiver), Vetiver Extraordinaire, Sel d' Vetiver (sunny oceanic vetiver), AD Vetiver Hombre (vetiver fougere), Carlos Corinto Vetiver (green vetiver), LV Vetiver (earthy vetiver), Le Labo Vetiver 46 (incense vetiver). These are all worthy of testing before investing.
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    Default Re: Lubin Le Vetyver

    I just sampled this recently and think it is fantastic also. But I do think that vetiver is at it's core - and since I already have several other vetiver fragrances in my wardrobe, I decided to pass on it at this point in time.

    But if you are looking to add a vetiver fragrance to your wardrobe, this would be a good one to have. I would also recommend looking at Givenchy Vetyver.

    Good luck!
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