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    Default Re: Looking for a very sweet overly oriental fragrance

    Have you tried these?
    Obsession Sheer (very sweet)
    Sensi and Mania (Armani)
    Max Mara - which will give you the Moroccan bazaar touch: it has notes of ginger and sugar cane, very sweet
    ...and then you have Laura Biagotti's scents - try Roma, Venezia and Tempore Donna.
    If you can get Fendi's Asja, you will *be* that bazaar; it has cinnamon, nutmeg and honey
    to go with vanilla and sandalwood: a nice blend.
    I hope that I was of some help there.

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    Default Re: Looking for a very sweet overly oriental fragrance

    Flowerbomb, Fantasy, Obsession Night.

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    Default Re: Looking for a very sweet overly oriental fragrance

    Quote Originally Posted by an_oud_girl View Post
    I must respectfully disagree about the Black Cashmere. I own it and it is one of my very favorites, but it isn't sweet to me, and I actually don't care for things that are particularly sweet. The incense, woods, and spices are to die for, however! So if you want to smell like a Moroccan bazaar, Black Cashmere is otherwise a very, very good one.

    I'd like to recommend Le Baiser du Dragon by Cartier. The one thing that kept me from completely loving it is the level of sweetness coming from the creamy almond and amber. The strong patchouli, florals, and woods are very nicely done and I do admire this fragrance. When the weather cools, I intend to try it again to see if I can adjust my thinking regarding the sweetness, and hopefully appreciate the overall scent even more.
    Le Baiser was the one I thought of as soon as I saw the thread title. I'd definitely second that over Black Cashmere. It's sweet, warm, oriental, mysterious, very sexy. Just a lovely fragrance.
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    Default Re: Looking for a very sweet overly oriental fragrance

    Black Cashmere is absolutely not sweet enough.
    BUT there is another black one which is deep and warm, very, very sweet, gourmand and oriental. It have it all: Tom Ford - Black Orchid :wave:

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    Default Re: Looking for a very sweet overly oriental fragrance

    Take anything I say with a large grain of salt (I'm a beginner in this world) but Lea St Barth Extreme might be a good one to layer (I layer the regular Lea St Barth often) - the notes are vanilla, almond and musk, it's very simple and quite strong.
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    Default Re: Looking for a very sweet overly oriental fragrance

    I'm a bit late getting to this thread, but the three fragrances below were first that came to mind. I second, third and fourth all of these!!

    Kenzo's L'Elephant
    Coco (Chanel)
    Parfum Sacre

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    Default Re: Looking for a very sweet overly oriental fragrance

    Late to the thread too...

    The following comes immediately to mind, which were mentioned:

    Guerlain Samsara
    Montale Sweet Oriental Dream
    SL Ambre Sultan
    Chanel Coco

    Also the following:

    SL Arabie
    Gucci Eau de Parfum (brown juice)
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    Default Re: Looking for a very sweet overly oriental fragrance

    In addition to the already mentioned I suggest:
    Must de Cartier (it's the mother of Obsession)
    Burberry's Brit Gold LE
    Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab "O" and Bien Loin d'Ici (a 5 ml bottle is $20 and can be added to any unsecented lotion or oil or even your bath to amp up the vanilla , amber, woody sweetness of your skin)

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    Default Re: Looking for a very sweet overly oriental fragrance

    You've gotten loads of EXCELLENT recommendations here! Le Baiser du Dragon by Cartier was the first one I thought of, or any of the Organzas, and BPAL Morocco is a lovely sweet and spicy cinnamon confection. I also second Opium and Coco for a classic feel, Sweet Oriental Dream if you're up for going completely over the top (I think you will LOVE it!) and Possets "Eve" for a $10 must-have ( Also, I think Ava-Luxe's Loukhum is a great choice for what you seem to be craving.

    Let us know what you land on!
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    Default Re: Looking for a very sweet overly oriental fragrance

    There are several oldies but goodies you might want to try: Tabu, Toujours Moi, Chantilly, Emeraude.

    I hope you'll post your reactions to everything you've tried!

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    Default Re: Looking for a very sweet overly oriental fragrance

    Quote Originally Posted by dreamflower View Post
    I need help.. For a long time I´ve been looking for a rich, deep and warm fragrance, that would be very, very sweet, maybe gourmand, but still sharp and spicy, a oriental fragrance that would straightly remind me of lively far-eastern bazaars.
    I find all fragrances, that I´ve been sniffing too light or "elegant".

    I live in Finland, so please only mainstream suggestions, since I cant afford or get niche fragrances easily. You should also know, that many of "older" kind of classical fragrances ends up smelling bugspray on my skin. Bad skinchemistry I guess.

    Perfumes that I like or have:

    shalimar light
    Carolina Herrera 212 sexy
    Gucci rush
    Lancome tropiques
    Cartier delices
    CK Euphoria
    Kenzo amour
    Lolita Lempicka

    I´m a fan of vanilla and sandalwood

    Im very happy, that I´ve found this amazing site, and I would truly apprechiate if you could help me with this .
    Gosh, for sweet I'm really thinking Lou Lou! Also I agree that Samsara may fit the bill. What about Opium or Cinnabar for spicy over the top? These are all readily available (Lou Lou online only probably). Also Sirene by Vicky Tiel--very sweet, and Chloe Narcissus (sweet and exotic). For the spicy side, though, the hard-hitters will be Opium and Cinnabar--Samsara for the beautiful sandalwood. As far as the bug spray factor, you will probably just have to test them all. I'll say yes-yes-yes also to Coco, Le Baisur, Tabu, and Habanita, and Organza Indecence but also Serge Lutens Arabie--definite sweet Moroccan bazaar (a little more $$ but wonderful).
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