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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    Yes, Sensuous wearers, it is a captivating scent. I tend to spray it on when I get home from work, but have yet to make a morning commitment to it. And yes, I did buy the bottle; I am exceedingly fond of it.

    Today I am wearing Attrape-Coeur. Yum.

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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    Quote Originally Posted by lilybelle View Post
    Fragrance triplet with tdem1961 and The Fragrant Zebra in Estee Lauder Sensuous this morning.
    Make that quadruplet - I'm in Sensuous today, too!

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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    I´m inside a cloud of Vanille Noire du Mexique AND Vanille Divine des Tropiques today.

    Hope your daughter makes it home safely, ubu!

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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    It's an old jr. high school favorite for me today....Alyssa Ashley Musk

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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    Wore Serge Luten's A la Nuit for work, Shalimar in bed.

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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    It's Paco Rabanne Calandre for me today. Gorgeous - green, rose, dry iris, woods...
    Every time I wear it I feel the need to stock up on more 'just in case' it goes away one day.

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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    not that i'm ready and dressed for work yet... boo hiss, but i think today i'll wear l'huere bleu. yup. its a good day for that one.
    Yup, I smell good!

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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    Sote is Le baiser du dragon edt.

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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    Chanel 19 edt. Craving Philosykos, though.

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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    Still trying to get out from under the piles of things that arrived from the movers least I have my frags!

    Today, I felt like: Bulgari Eau Parfumee au The Rouge

    Yesterday, no SotD

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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    Yessss! The last working day is over....vacation starting tomorrow
    I am going to celebrate wearing White Aoud as SotE.
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Sniffing around
    I'll stop wearing black when they make something darker

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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    Ok. Scent of the EVENING (not often that I change, but today I was craving this): L'instant Guerlain. There's something about this...

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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    Il Bacio all day and loving it!

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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    Sisleyeau de campagne

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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    Wearing Manifesto by Isabella Rosellini. Nice scent but no sillage....

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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    Back from 3 days of cycling in the Niagara region with our local cycling cub. On Sunday, we had a leisurely 75km easy roller ride, highlight of that trip was lunch at a winery and ice cream at the local dairy

    Dear Son cycled 400km in 3 days. On Sunday, he finished a classic century run (100 miles or 160km) -- I'm very proud.

    No fumes for the 3 days. Wearing Light Blue today.
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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    RHM: Dzing! Dzong! as the legendary Leslie Phillips would say (I hope you've watched the Doctor in the House/ Carry On films from the 60s and know who I'm talking about!)

    Riannon: Great story! I like the thought that you might just have created a brand new perfumista right there in the supermarket.

    Tavorna: FdB has a big cedar note to it - is that what you were smelling?

    tvlampboy: your latest avatar makes me giggle because I read it wrong the first time I saw it and thought it said "SPRAY and neuter", making me wonder quite what militant perfume movement it referred to.

    Lilybelle: congratulations on your new houses. You are going to be so sick of paint charts by the end of the year!!! (Because let's be honest, wherever we move to we always think about repainting at least part of it to make our mark.)

    Sakecat: I looked at the Possets list and just started laughing. If I lived in the US I'd go mad for them I think. But I suspect I may have to buy some of the ones with the really mad names like Gingerbread Whorehouse for friends for xmas.

    Tao: hey sweetie. I totally agree with Sake about your amazing grace. But it's your energy that bowls me over!

    Chaya: hope you had a good day. Your comment has made me put Ambre Gris on my 'go and smell' list that I often get to have a whiff of when I go to the shops. I'm lucky - we have a lot of perfume shops here and it's easy to wander in, spritz something and wander out without being too over-run by SAs.

    Quarry - Hooray for Aircon! I know it's bad for the planet and no we don't have it in our homes in Europe much, but my word I do appreciate it in the car and in the shops. Bliss!

    Today I made my 3 year old daughter test Blu Notte for me because I didn't want to mess with what I was wearing because it was so lovely: Cuir de Lancome, with mille grazi and tante baci to Lady In Black. This is a very leathery leather: it smells like sticking your nose into a brand new, very good quality handbag. Definitely leather. Reminds me of my friend's motorbike clothing shop, which smells divine. But Cuir is smooth and very well-mannered. I am very impressed. I think it would be very good on a gent. If I come across a bottle and I'm feeling flush, I'll certainly be tempted. Thank you LiB for your incredible kindness. Have a wonderful holiday.

    Have a lovely day all.
    "A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future." Coco Chanel

    I'm streamlining my collection
    Currently wearing: Diorling by Christian Dior

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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    Great stories and news bulletins today! I am still on vacation for a few more precious days.

    Thanks to Agent Provocateur's Monday SotD post, I dug out my little bottle of The Body Shop's INDIAN GARDENIA Perfume Oil. I'd forgotten how appealing it is! It really doesn't smell like gardenia to me, just a fresh, light, mildly exotic floral mix.

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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    Pino Silvestre as SotD. Amazing value for a classy fragrance! Like a walk through a pine forest..

    Top Notes
    Bergamot, Lavender, Lemon.

    Middle Notes

    Geranium, Pine, Clary Sage.

    Base Notes

    Cedarwood, Moss, Musk, Amber.

    Montana Parfum d'Homme as SotE. A perfect segue from the Pino Silvestre
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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    Molinard Fleur de Figuier
    Currently wearing: Eternity by Calvin Klein

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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    Quote Originally Posted by kaye dawn View Post
    Make that quadruplet - I'm in Sensuous today, too!
    There must have been something in the area--my SoTD? Sensuous! So we're up to quintuplets now?! I wonder if they're sneaking some controlled substance into it. I agree with others, there's nothing particularly fascinating about it, but I can't stop sniffing myself. That being said, I think I would prefer it in the evening or on a colder day.

    ubu, sending good travel vibes to your daughter to make it home today.

    Riannon, love the story of your encounter this morning.

    Jillsy, you sound just like me when I have a number of samples. I run out of skin. I'm very curious to hear how Sarrisins was. It definitely sounds promising and is high on my list of to-tries.
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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    SOTE is POTL parfum

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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    Started off in Badgley Mischka + matching body creme.

    Trying out Yves Rocher Bambou EDC this evening. It's very green & fresh, and reminds me of a fantastic-smelling shampoo I used to use. I remember Anna_P commenting that it reminded her of Gap Grass. This will be big in the rotation for the rest of the summer.
    Sniff and let sniff.

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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    Did all you Sensuous wearers get your sample in the big assed box? I did. Don't care much for the scent myself & the box just made me mad.

    Dzing! & Dzong..kha didn't last long. (Wordbird, honey, I'm sorry but I don't "get" the joke.) Those two were "ok". I like Timbuktu better but it makes my skin sting a little when I first apply it. (I've got that red headed fair skin.)

    I wound up wearing my standby summer fragrance, Chanel #19 edt.

    Tonight, we have storms so I need to drum up something sultry & mysterious. I tried RP's Visa edp but it's too fruity in the heat.

    ubu...I hope your girl got home ok.
    "You smell like sunshine and happiness."
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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    Versace Bright Crystal
    Diva is fartin in your perfume mist before you walk through it!! Walk slow and let it marinate......

    Divatologist....Breaking perfume rules since 1969
    I smells goooooooooooood! Don't believe me? Come smell me!!

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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    I'm on an Yves Rocher kick. After soliciting help from fellow, more experienced BNers I purchased a bunch of stuff from Yves Rocher. I must say, some of these fragraces are beautiful. Some are okay. None of my purchases are scrubbers, and the price, HELLLLOOOO! Can I wax poetic about the price? Anyway, enjoying Yria and Comme une Evidence, each on one arm. Yesterday I combined Pleasures with Yria and it was quite nice too!

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    The power of bleu

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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    I'm wearing Pink Sugar today.
    I've trademarked the color bleu

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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    Estee Lauder Pleasures. Delightful. I really like (love?) this line. My Hermes obsession is now being joined by an Estee Lauder obsession..finding more and more in the line that I love.

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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    I wore Kelly Caleche today (yes, again, what a complete surprise) and in this cooler, less humid weather (first time after an entire month of humid, rainy and/or hot weather) the leather and flowers kept right on effervescenting (did I just make up a word?) throughout 10 hrs of the day. \

    Wow - that was a really long sentence!

    I'm still deliberating on a SotE..but it's looking like Caleche (sans Kelly) will be the one.Or Samsara. Perhaps Sensuous. I love this dilemma!

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    Default Re: SotD Tuesday 5 August

    Dear ubu I hope the storm calms down quickly
    and your little girl arrives home safely.

    I'm so glad that someone else enjoys
    Indian Gardenia the way I do.
    Thank you for sharing Haunani.

    For the afternoon I've switched to
    Lancôme• Hypnôse
    Autumn treasures: Magnetism, Midnight Orchid, Tea for Two,
    Aimez-Moi, Chinatown, Dzongkha, Five O'Clock Au Gingembre,
    Cittá di Kyoto, Jasmin de Nuit, Jasmin Full, Kelly Calèche, Venezia,
    Douce Amère, Eau de Charlotte, Falling In Love, Chergui, Prada,
    Rose Alexandrie, Hypnôse, Omnia, Flowerbomb, Poivre Piquant,
    Cuir Beluga, 7:15am in Bali, Lolita Lempicka, Fumerie Turque,
    Datura Noir, Songes, Gaultier², L'Ombre Fauve, Kors, My Couture,
    Ligea "La Sirena", Red Aoud, Rose Absolu, Cèdre, Milk, No. 23


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