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Thread: autumn/winter

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    Default autumn/winter

    i planning to get a scent for a/w. i'm thinking
    a. sequoia
    b. kyoto
    c. hinoki

    which of the three above would you recommend. thanks

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    Kyoto sounds nice. I've never tried the other 2 but all I know is that Kyoto is really good. Incense and fallen leaves?--that's romantic to me.
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    Talking about incense and autumn/winter, I must stress how wonderful Nemo by Cacharel is. It's out of production but online stores keep it still and I keep it as a precious gem. I guess it doesn't make it worse for you that it got hinoki in the topnotes.

    Top Notes
    Hinoki, Betel Leaf.
    Middle Notes
    Base Notes
    Cedarwood, Cardamom.

    This is a toned down, subtle Declaration with a smoky character and a sweeter edge that makes it so much more interesting. The day I wont be able to get a hold of Nemo anymore I will go finding Nemo.
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    I would recommend sequoia, or hinoki.

    kyoto gets trumped by hinoki easily IMO

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    Default Re: autumn/winter

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