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    Default Mont blanc Parfumes..

    Hi, i'm looking for a new fragrance that smells somewhat like Mont blanc starwalker..

    does anyone know any parfume that smells somewhat like starwalker from montblanc?

    btw, what kind of catagory is starwalker in? fresh?? tabacc?? sorry if i dont know much about this.


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    Default Re: Mont blanc Parfumes..

    I've never tested Starwalker, but here are two good places to look for similar scents. One is the reviews section of this site - there is a set of reviews of Starwalker there, though the reviewers seem to have different ideas about which fragrance it most closely resembles.

    Another idea is looking in the Fragrance Foundation Directory. I found Starwalker listed in the Woods: Fresh category. Some of the other fragrances in that category that are well-respected at Basenotes include:

    Terre D'Hermes (Winner of Best Men's Fragrance in the most recent Basenotes Awards)
    L'eau Bleue D'Issey pour Homme
    212 Men
    Grey Flannel

    There is still quite a bit of difference between these four, but you won't find among them any of the currently overplayed aquatic scents, nor sweet woody orientals or floral scents. I'd check out the reviews of these four fragrances on this website and see if any sound similar to what you're looking for. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Mont blanc Parfumes..

    same guys who make pens? montblanc?

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    Default Re: Mont blanc Parfumes..

    ive skywalker. and yeah collect mont blanc pens too,,,

    skywalker is sweet, and would fall under the fresh genre. not bad but a tad pricey. if u like that, u may like aigner black for a better price. Im huge on LDIssey, but skywalker is not close at all. try these

    1. banana rep's slate
    2. aigner black
    3. ck Man
    4. Burb Touch

    Slightly Pricier

    1. Boss Selection
    2. fahrenheit 32 (a tad creamier)
    3. Gucci PH II
    4. Chanel Allure homme & homme sport
    5. Narciso Rod, For Him
    6. Loewe Solo ( just a tad fresher than skywalker)

    these are just a few that i have that i feel are similar to the sort of swwet scent freshies.
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