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    Angry Habit Rouge 2008

    Okay. For the 3rd day I have the new Habit de Metal(allegedly the same formula) on one wrist and the old formula(2000) on the other. I can honestly say they have done it once again.
    Here are my findings regarding the two EDT versions:
    -HB2008 is slightly weaker on initial application compared to HB2000. You would think it should be the reverse given that it is newer juice
    -HB2008 is now fading quicker and not as long-lasting
    -HB2000 has a distinct iris-like note similar to the one found in Mitsouko - woody and nutty. According to the official Guerlain website dating back to 1998, I do firmly recall them listing one of the ingredients of HR as 'elegant iris'. Well, this note is either missing or has been dampened in the new version
    -Amber and leather notes appearing in HB2008, HB2000 still spicy and woody, ie. basenotes in HB2008 appearing much quicker
    -More vanilla in HB2000

    I really noticed the longevity of the new stock earlier today at work when after 2.5hrs, I could no longer detect it on myself. Habit Rouge normally keeps me going all day. You would never have to apply the EDT more than once, especially in winter.
    As I type, the new version is definately fading, compared to the old version. I would say it is now roughly under half the strength compared to my other wrist.
    To sum it up, they might have changed the formula but unless you are a real Habit Rouge fanatic, you are not likely to notice these subtle minor adjustments. Besides, what a handsome bottle Habit de Metal is!


    PS. This spritz of new HR is REALLY starting to fade now, after 30minutes of application.

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    Default Re: Habit Rouge 2008

    It's a different version.

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    Default Re: Habit Rouge 2008

    Or the old one has just aged? I have not smelled the new version, but you cannot expect the formula of your EDT to remain intact in the 8 years you have had it. Good fragrances should mature for the better.

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    Default Re: Habit Rouge 2008

    Go to the official Guerlain website, it lists different ingredients for Habit Metal, such as "Wild Leather". The 2008 Light version is different as well.

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