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    Default An Yves Saint Laurent Experience

    I must share with you folks my initial experiences with YSL perfumes. I have just received a bottle of M7 and I must say I am very impressed with this perfume. I bought it as a gamble, as another attempt to enjoy an YSL perfume. I bought Jazz and Opium EDP in the past, but I thought the first was mediocre and the second was too spicy. I actually felt sick when wearing Opium EDP, and had to sell it at the marketplace. Opium EDP is nauseating, a feverish excess in olfactory sensations.

    But M7 is a gorgeous, delicious, sensual, smooth, subtle perfume. I love its woody, resinous notes. It keeps all the best parts of Opium without adding the nasty spices. This perfume is very sexy and I plan to use it when I go out at night. For the hunt.

    Which other perfumes are similar to M7?


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    Default Re: An Yves Saint Laurent Experience

    I'm not sure what is precisely like M7 - I'm sure some of the oud fragrances that are so discussed may be in the ballpark (but I'm not the person to ask). However on the topic of YSL, if you haven't tried Rive Gauche you really should. Though not like M7 in notes, it is also rich, dark and powerful. Plus, it's pretty inexpensive.

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    Default Re: An Yves Saint Laurent Experience

    Quote Originally Posted by LuciusVorenus View Post
    Which other perfumes are similar to M7?
    I happen to detest M7, but I must admit I got tons of compliments when I wore it.

    Try Tom Ford Extreme.
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