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    Default the return of Donna Karan

    For all you DK lovers (and non-readers of the male fragrance section), the big news today is that Bergdorf is reintroducing 3 of Donna Karan's retired scents ... including Signature, Fuel and Choas!

    I've been a lover of her scents for years, and if you're like me, stop giving your money to ebay and call BG in NYC!
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    Default Re: the return of Donna Karan

    Yay. I love her original fragrance.

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    Default Re: the return of Donna Karan

    Good news indeed. Chaos is one of the best incense scents I've sampled.
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    Default Re: the return of Donna Karan

    Fascinating: I've never smelled any of these. No, wait - is signature the one in the black sculptural bottle?

    Anyway - as a great lover of Black Cashmere I'd like to know how Chaos compares: are they similar? Or can you compare it to any other incense scents? Avignon, Kyoto... etc. Is it a Men's scent (I know - it's all unisex really) but does it have a very masculine feel to it - lots of patchouli, maybe?
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    Default Re: the return of Donna Karan

    Chaos smells like Black Cashmere dipped in cola and lemonade.

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    Default Re: the return of Donna Karan

    Note to UK users -- Harrods is the exclusive distributor of the re-launch in your region.

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    Default Re: the return of Donna Karan

    OMG! My DH just came in to ask what's going on after hearing me choking and squealing from the next room. This is great news! Chaos was my signature scent and has been my Holy Grail from the day it came out until now, except I haven't worn it since my wedding day last year because I don't want to use up what little I have left. I've always kept the bottle in the box and it's still good juice. I bought the last two bottles at Albertson's grocery store when I learned from the SA at Burdines (in Florida, now Macy's) that it had just been discontinued. I don't know why the grocery store sold high-end perfumes, but I also remember buying Queen's Jazz album there around 1980. Anyway, the two 1.7oz bottles were discounted by 50% because it was a "discontinued item." I actually hesitated for almost five seconds before deciding to buy them both.

    For me, there's never been anything quite like it. Black Cashmere does a fairly good job, but it's more muscular and concentrated. The incense in Chaos is less pronounced and the florals come thru more. Costes is a bit similar, but noticeably more unisex. Encens et Lavande and Gris Clair understandably come up way short in terms of complexity and femininity. Chaos is sooo soothing. It manages somehow to be sheer and feminine even with all the woods, spices, and incense. It is bottled genius.

    Thank you bront82! I can't wait!!!
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    Smile Chaos Donna Karan

    In case you have not heard, Donna Karan has re-released her signatgure line of fragrances to bergdorff goodman in NYC and CHAOS is back!!!!!!!! So funny to me how at one time you think your favorite fragrance is gone and then BAM its back!!!!!!!!!!!!! stock up

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