I've been lurking and reading BN for quite some time now, and I remember a while ago Indie Guy posted a review of Black Jeans raving about it and if I recall correctly, he got bit by a co-worker after wearing it. I chuckled at it, but didn't really give it a second thought because Versace is one of my forsaken houses. By forsaken I mean I have never, ever found a single fragrance of theirs that I liked, and The Dreamer has the distinct honor of being the only fragrance that made me so nauseous after applying that I vomited. This isn't exaggeration for the sake of effect. Two sprays gave me such a headache that I immediately went home and tried to shower and still threw up. I have no idea what in gods name they do over there at Versace, but I'll have none of it.

Side note: I find many of their female fragrances quite pleasant and like to smell them on women around me.

Back to the main story. For some reason I decided to try Black Jeans because it seems so different from whats out there, I got a decent enough price and figured if I hated it, I'd give it to a friend. Came in the mail today, let it cool a little then sprayed it on before work.


I am so glad I quit smoking because now I get the full effect of fragrances like this. The opening gives off a gas/rubber type smell, also smells a little like olives to me. Reminds me of the top note of olive in an Armani fragrance I had some years back, can't remember what it was for the life of me. I don't get much nutmeg at all which is a good thing, I'm not a fan of the note. The ginger and vetiver have a damn field day on my skin and come exploding off a few minutes later. The ginger isn't a 'wet' ginger, it reminds me of a dry ginger from 212 men if that makes any sense. And the vetiver isn't a bright vetiver like in the Guerlain vetiver (second incarnation anyway, haven't had the pleasure of smelling the first or the letdown of the third). As it dries down it gives off a hint of patchouli, with the sandalwood keeping it dry, it's not a sweet sandalwood at all. And the musk gives a hot skin smell too. I can't comment on the true lasting power, I could still smell it 9 hours later when I got home from work and I immediately sprayed more on because I love it.

It met with high praise at work too. One of the women asked me if I was wearing something new, so I had her come over for a closer sniff. She buried her nose in my neck, and stayed there just breathing in and out then stepped back and said "Ohhh yeah" with an expression on her face that made me wish I was single for a moment. The really funny thing is the only other fragrance of mine that ever made her react that way was Gendarme V! I even caught a customer smelling the air when I walked by and smiling, which is nice reaction to get.

I can't find anything wrong with Black Jeans. It's very, very dry, which I love. We're talking Trussardi Uomo here. This is one of the most purely masculine fragrances I've encountered that is still versatile enough to I think be worn in a multitude of settings. It's been discontinued, which is a positive and negative depending on how you look at it. And it's dirt cheap too.

In summary, thank you Indie Guy and everyone else here for their opinions. You managed to talk me into trying a horribly named fragrance from a house I really, really hate, and I came away with a gem!