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    Default Re: What was your first fragrance?

    When I was about 9 or 10 years old I was given a set of Little Lady Toilet Water still available today on Etsy and e-Bay. I think it came with some clear nail polish and remover. It was in a set of some kind. (I wonder if this one should be in the Fragrance Directory??? LOL).

    In high school I moved up to Lanvin My Sin, Revlon Intimate, and Dana Tabu. These must have been gifts or bought with Christmas/Birthday money as I didn't work and didn't have an allowance.

    In college I can't honestly remember wearing anything. Maybe I did -- or not.

    After I got my first real job I bought myself a bottle of Christian Dior Diorissimo in the hounds tooth black and white bottle. I also went on a business trip to Phoenix and one day wondered into Scottsdale where I found Erne, a man who custom blended perfume. He created a perfume for me and I liked it. I called it Besmi. Twenty years later I went back. He was still in business and had my card on file. He made more. It still is a very nice perfume. I wish I knew what was in it.

    Here's one for you. One day I wore Diorissimo to work.. This older man I worked with said he didn't like it. It was too old for me. That I should wear something for a young girl. It was 1969 and I was in my early twenties. I guess he expected me to still wear Little Lady. Times have certainly changed for women and for the better.

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    Default Re: What was your first fragrance?

    I had Coty's Muguet de Bois as a teen and L'Air du Temps in my early twenties.

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    Default Re: What was your first fragrance?

    What a great discussion!! It has taken me back to places I had forgotten. Loves Baby Soft was one of my first. I also remember getting a gift from my brother for Christmas one year which was a blue tinted clear plastic music box that played "Fly me to the Moon" and had a small bottle of Heaven Scent. I also remember having Blue Jeans and various Avon's. It seems my first transition from teen scent to more mainstream was getting a bottle of No. 5. Good times.

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    Default Re: What was your first fragrance?

    My first fragrance was a bottle of David Beckham Instinct when I was like 11 which I used to bathe in. Until my senior year of high school I wore adidas moves, lucky no.6 by Liz Claiborne, and various cheap body sprays/mists. My first whiff of Fine Fragrance was Mayotte by guerlain when I made friends with another BNer (who also told me about BN) on a train going home from visiting my mom. She turned me on to things like Shalimar, BaV, and a favorite of mine No Regrets. That fall I used a promotional code on Facebook to receive a sample of Body by Burberry, and so it all began
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    Default Re: What was your first fragrance?

    My first perfume must have been a bottle of Climat eau de toilette that my father had brought from Paris, probably for my mother,
    and I don't know how, but it became mine. It was just another toy for me, I was four or five, I don't remember wearing it.
    But I remember very well playing with my mothers' extraits, e.g.Arpège and Bal à Versailles, Intimate by Revlon later, and eventually spiling them. But I had decided then that she didn't appreciated them as much as I did!

    Then somebody brought me a cheap cologne (may be something made for children).
    "Pisces" was its name and I absolutely loved it! I was thinking it was the most dreamy beautiful fragrance in the world!

    My grandmother used to bring me Tosca and 4711 later, together with small dolls.
    I think I loved the colognes even better than the dolls!

    My first "real" perfume was L'Air du Temps, my father gave it to me. It was so much better than the one they make today,
    so delicate and beautiful and classy, but I did not appreciate it then so much. It didn't seem to me suitable for a teenager...

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    Default Re: What was your first fragrance?

    My first fragrance of my very own was Helena Rubinstein Heaven Sent, a gift from my Aunt. I think that I would have been about ten or eleven when she gave me it for the first time. I loved it and she continued to give me a gift of that fragrance for some years. (She has something to answer for I tell you. This all her fault you know. She is in her eighties now )

    I also remember having Sea Jade, a blueish green fragrance in a flacon in the shape of a sea horse. Now.... I was going to say that it was Avon but actually I think that it may have been Yardley? Then there were Avon perfumes. I think that one was called Fuzzy Peach and also Roses Roses? I haven't looked them up, I am going from memory.

    I can also remember Fern's/Fougere's, Bay Rum, and Sandalwood from childhood. But Heaven Sent was my very own and it made me feel really special. I have a little bottle that I got on ebay. It is a bit spoiled actually, but it is still there.

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    Default Re: What was your first fragrance?

    I think the first scents I experimented with were my older sister's. I recall Love's Baby Soft and Norell. I also wore my mom's Coty Wild Musk Oil which was all mom wore since it was all dad could stand.

    As a teen, I got into Poison. At 18,one of Dad's girlfriends took me to a place that selected a perfume that 'fit' me. It was Diva! Oh, and I went to the Body Shop and bought Vanilla Bean oil. I wore that almost exclusively for years and years. I only recently got truly interested in Fragrances.
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    Default Re: What was your first fragrance?

    It was hugo boss hugo woman, I think I bought it around 2003.

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