Please can anyone help me woark out what a fragrance was that I really liked? I had a tiny bottle in one of these min selctions that you get around Christmas time and I loved it! This was several years ago and money was tight so I never bought a full size bottle. Now however I have started looking for it and cannot find it. But it would help if I knew what it was lol!

The only thing I really remember was that it had a very distinctive bottle. The top was kind of in the shape of two 'bulbs' and it was a pinky/peachy colour possibly with some gold on it. The bottle itself was round and the fragrance was quite 'fruity'.

It is quite possible that it is not around any more as i cannot find it anywhere but I would still love to know what it was called! I know this is not muc to go on but I thought it just mind sound familiar to someone!

Many thanks