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    Thumbs up Bulgari Pour Homme Extreme: Pepper bomb inbound

    This is the third of the three fragrances I bought this week, and I've loved the experience of give my nose a surprise every day and trying three scents that are so radically different than each other. One of my true pleasures in life is taking a deep breath now through smoke free lungs and truly appreciating a unique aroma. Anyway, on to the review.

    I have never smelled the original Pour Homme so I can't comment on the difference between the two, and if there is a large enough difference to warrant purchasing the two, please enlighten me.

    My standard application method for my fragrances is two sprays on the chest, one to the back of my neck at my hairline. This seems to work best for my body chemistry, and my chest hair holds the scent longer than bare skin. I mention this because when I first sprayed this on before work, I was concerned because I got a grapefruit note, a litte petigrain, but none of the coriander or lavender listed in the directory's pyramid. A little disappointed, I left my house and walked to work. I enjoy my walk for two reasons. First it's only about five or six minutes and gives me a chance to clear my head before walking in the door, and secondly it lets my body heat up and shows me what my fragrances can really do. A few minutes into the walk, the pepper hit me. Oh my god I was in heaven! A dry, spicy black pepper wave began to flow out of my shirt and surround me with me own personal aura! I wanted to stop and stick my face down inside my shirt and just breathe in and out to enjoy it but I kept walking. Once my nose got used to the pepper the bulgari house tea note came out and gave a smoky and slightly sweet balance to it so it wasn't too bracing.

    The pepper note has stayed detectable through the entire drydown on me, blending nicely with a fir or juniper note to give a woody dryness too it. The tea blended into a soft musk which was given a nice solid heft by the oakmoss. Even though I could smell it on me all day as I moved, I wouldn't call it a silliage monster by any means. It's stayed strong so far almost 12 hours later, the sweet sandalwood only becomes apparent to me several hours into the drydown which is fine, just another well played note to keep my nose from getting bored. I don't get any nutmeg at all from this, which is fine by me since it's not one of my favorite notes.

    I received an excellent compliment from one girl today, saying she always enjoys working at my store because my boss and I always smell so nice. My boss isn't as big of a fragrance fan as I am, but Platinum Egoiste is his signature scent so it can never be said that the man lacks taste.

    Another excellent work scent that feels equally at home in the office or at a higher level meeting. I could see using this at a formal dinner out, not a romantic one.

    I feel I need to further clarify it's use for the office. I can see myself using this along with The Third Man for work fragrances that ooze class and confidence and command respect. You can smell the care and quality that went into this scents formulation. Almost every fragrance I have, even the ones I love the most I sometimes find myself wishing for a different note to be added or subtracted, subtle changes. I can't think of anything I would change about this, and from me, that is high praise.

    I can very easily see how this would seem too sharp, sour, or off putting to some people, especially younger men used to aquatics or orientals. I've never been a subscriber to the idea that you have to be a certain age to wear a fragrance, frankly I think if you are comfortable in it an 18 year old can wear it just as well as a 40 year old. This may be an exception to the rule. Not saying a younger guy can't wear it at all, you just have to have a degree of assuredness to pull it off. It reminds me of an old school Cartier in that regard.

    And for anyone who is off put by the pepper blast, I beg you to give it another chance. The pepper may never go away but it will blend magnificently and keep a degree of freshness throughout the entire drydown. And if you have a bottle, try it again and still don't like it, feel free to send it my way!

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    Default Re: Bulgari Pour Homme Extreme: Pepper bomb inbound

    Nice post. I used to love wearing the original Bulgari Pour Homme, but I think my bottle went off a bit so I stopped wearing it. Gonna pick up a fresh bottle, but I may go with the Extreme.

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