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    Default Re: My impressions on the range of Neil Morris samples

    For some time now, I've been meaning to compare Balenciaga's Rumba to Neil Morris' Prowl because of Nukapai's and SMM's previous comparisons of the two.

    Well, Tuesday, I sampled Rumba first, and was struck how it reminded me of Norell, not Prowl. So instead of comparing Rumba with Prowl, I dabbed on a bit of Norell. They both have the same opening notes, but they drydown very differently.

    Rumba has this annoying musty smell, very similar to what I get out of Estee Lauder's Beautiful. I hate this smell. I find it in a lot of mainstream perfumes for women, which is what led me to Basenotes, because I really had hoped to find something that doesn't have this weird smell.

    Rumba and Norell both have some kind of bergamot opening. And some kind of flowery smell. But about 5-10 minutes into it, they part ways. Norell has a very soapy smell. Soapy flowers. Whereas Rumba. . . has flowers, but that weird. . . musty smell.

    So, to me, Norell > Rumba.

    Today, (Wednesday), I compared all three. For some reason, it was very difficult to manage to spray one limb without getting spray from another scent on that part! I only have four limbs, so messing up one leaves me with no more second chances. Somehow I managed to get one on each limb separately!

    Prowl on my left knee: same bergamot opening as both Rumba and Norell, but oh! That vanilla! I can smell the patchouli and I don't care. The vanilla and honeysuckle-like, gardenia-like smell. No soapy smell. No weird musty smell. And. . . I can finally smell this "tea" that everyone else seems to talk about. I could never smell that of itself, but next to Norell and Rumba, it's plainly there in Prowl and *not* in Norell or Rumba.

    So, to me, Prowl > Norell > Rumba.

    All three are really flowery, and I imagine they have many components alike. But the notes that are different from each other are the ones that make-or-break it for me.

    All three have some intense sillage. Like really intense. Longevity for all three is > 10 hours for me.
    I am banished to the far end of the house tonight because I reek!
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