Ok... well I wouldn't exactly say that I'm "new" at the cologne game... but I definitely could use your guys help in looking for a new scent. Anyways to set the scene a little bit more... I'm an 18 year old college student and enjoy looking and smelling good haha. I already have a few scents, but am looking for another to add to my collection to spice things up. So far i have:

DG Light Blue (summery fresh scent)
Guess Man (fresh)
Polo Double Black (night time wear)
Bulgari Soir (night time wear)
Burbury Britt (anytime)

On a side note, I go to school in Syracuse where it snows (no exagguration) everyday. So i prefer scent that I would be able to wear in a cold environment that would be "dark and sexy"-ish haha. I'm looking for another everyday / versatile scent, and so far the only one I have in mind is Hypnose Homme by Lancome. Any suggestions or tips guys (and gals ;] )?

Thanks a lot