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Thread: Demeter Frags

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    Default Demeter Frags

    Such an interesting line. Demeter frags should certainly cure any nose addicts addictions. Just wondering if you own any and which ones do you wear and get complimented on?
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    Demeter is a humorous line of fragrance, unique when it first hit the world of scent. Suprisingly, I like Wet Garden! The Bulgarian Rose was nice when I sampled it too. Mostly though, I think they're "gimmicky" fun. C'mon...Play Doh, Dirt, Gin & Tonic, Cotton Candy, Laundromat, etc. ~ who wouldn't want a sniff out of curiosity?!?!?!

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    Default Re: Demeter Frags

    Cute looking line but shipping is pretty high. Hmmm I have 1/2 a sample (RIS) of PlayDoh that I totally forgot about. I shall try it later and report back (hopefully!)

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    Default Re: Demeter Frags

    I don't own any, but the one that I like the most from the ones I sampled is Gingerale.
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    I love the Demeters.

    my favorite has to be Gingerale, though. When my normal sized bottle runs out, I'll be getting the big bottle.
    I also have Wet Garden, Cosmopolitian, Play-Doh, Russian Leather, Insence, Holy Water, Holy Smoke, This is not a Pipe, and Grahm Cracker. I used to have Gin & Tonic, but it got knocked off my nightstand and shattered into about a million pieces. >_< made my room smell like I had been drinking all night.

    needless to say, I enjoy these frags. I try to get them on sale at Ross/Marshalls. I also found some of them at the Hustler store when they were clearencing them out.

    yeah. they're fun little numbers. my boyfriend is tempted to steal them from me so he can change them up every few hours or so at work to confuse his coworkers (hey, its better than the fart wars they engage in!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by xdattax View Post
    II try to get them on sale at Ross/Marshalls.
    who knew???

    Tyra Banks favorite scente is Cinnabon from them.
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    Default Re: Demeter Frags

    Pyramus at One Thousand Scents did a great series
    30 Demeters in 30 Days for June 2008.

    Definitely worth a read!
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    Default Re: Demeter Frags

    Read some of the reviews and would love to try Thunderstorm.
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    Default Re: Demeter Frags

    I have small bottles of Play Doh (hate it), Pruning Shears ( rather good but never wear it) and Condensed Milk ( also good but never wear). If anyone is interested in any of these let me know I will send them to you FREE, as I said they are the smaller bottles without a sprayer but I will never use them. PM me if interested.

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