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    Smile Orange blossom vs Bitter orange tree.

    This is kinda a newb question so I thought it should be on this board. I always get fooled when the perfume house lists orange blossom or orange notes in their scent description. It usually turns out to be bitter orange or neroli or pettigrain or one of the other varied scents derived from this plant and or tree. I had been fooled because I always took it to mean orange blossoms from the trees that we get oranges from. I always understood these to be sweet white floral smelling blossoms. Why is this. I don't and can't stand Neroli or its derivatives.

    I guess I don't quite know what I am getting at here but I guess I feel mislead sometimes when they list orange notes and I find out they mean bitter orange.

    Can someone tell me or school me on why perfumers assume one knows what they are describing.

    Thanks in advance.

    At least I feel as though I have gotten this off my chest.

    Thanks as always fellow basenoters

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    Default Re: Orange blossom vs Bitter orange tree.

    Orange Blossum Absolute is produced by solvent extraction of Citrus aurantium (Bitter Orange) flowers, Neroli is produced by steam distillation of the flowers while Pettigrain is produced by steam distillation of twigs, leaves and green fruit of various varieties of Citrus aurantium or related citrus plants.

    Unfortunately absolutes like Orange Blossom Absolute smell significantly different from the live flower.

    You can purchase small samples of things like genuine Orange Blossom Absolute here:

    But that said, the fragrance pyramids that are provided with a fragrance are what I call "fantasy pyramids", they are meant to be evocative not descriptive.
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    Smile Re: Orange blossom vs Bitter orange tree.

    I guess what I am getting at is when they say orange blossom I always thought it meant from the same tree we get our oranges that we eat . I hate neroli and all its works and all its ways. I have been very disappointed when trying a scent that list orange blossom in its pyramid and find it is an essence from the bitter orange tree not the white sweet floral I remember from sweet oranges. Some times I am lucky and get a scent in which it is so well blended that I can tell its there but it is surrounded by so many other smells I love that it isn't a problem for me.

    Maybe that clears it up. I hope


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    Default Re: Orange blossom vs Bitter orange tree.

    It could be that the sweet oranges that the flowers produce are a more valuable and saleable crop than any essential oil that might be extracted from them or that any oil obtained from them is of a lower quality than other types of orange blossom.

    "The oil from Sweet Orange blossoms is found in commerce under the name of 'Neroli petalae.' Being far less fragrant it only fetches half the price of neroli oil and on that account is frequently used to adulterate the true neroli oil."
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