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    Default Bergamot perfumes?

    I have been sampling Ananas Fizz by L'Artisan. I like it, but it really dries down to just bergamot on my skin. I smell like a cup of Earl Grey. I am wondering if there are other perfumes I can try that has this note, but that would perhaps retain more than just the bergamot?


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    Default Re: Bergamot perfumes?

    I think that Ananas Fizz is supposed to be a pineapple perfume.
    Many perfumes use bergamot as a top note, and I can tell you that, by itself, the real, natural substance smells halfway between lemon and orange. However, bergamot is a short-lived note. There has to be some other fruit that you are smelling and enjoying in the L'Artisan fragrance.
    After looking in the reviews, I quote Basenotes member Vibert here: "Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier have explored the same territory more successfully with their recent Bahiana, which has all of the depth, complexity, and lasting power lacking in Ananas Fizz, while remaining just as bright and effervescent."

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    Default Re: Bergamot perfumes?

    Really? That is interesting! Because both my husband and myself agree that winds up smelling like Earl Grey tea. After a few hours, my skin smells as if I splashed myself in it.

    If bergamot is that fleeting, I wonder where the scent is coming from? Whatever it is, I like it, however on it's own, it lacks depth.

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    Default Re: Bergamot perfumes?

    Acqua di Parma Colonia has a pronounced bergamot top-note, but dries down into something quite sexy and substantial. Unisex, too.

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    Default Re: Bergamot perfumes?

    Thank you! I will see if I can find samples of both of those. Ananas Fizz is the closest I have come to something that is 'me'... but not quite there yet!

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    Default Re: Bergamot perfumes?

    Perhaps you take lemon in your tea? I've also read Ananas Fizz has a watery cedar accord in the drydown. In any event, I'm going to recommend Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Laurier-Reglisse. In this, I get lots of fresh bergamot blended with bay laurel leaf, light florals, and woods. The anise is dry and restrained, not at all gourmand like Lolita Lempica. It seems to temper the citrus and otherwise doesn't have much presence. I may have to get a bottle of this. The AA line is relatively inexpensive for Guerlain.
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    Default Re: Bergamot perfumes?

    BPAL's Alice has bergamot, but tries out to a creamy, rosey tea (not Earl Grey!).
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    Default Re: Bergamot perfumes?

    Fresh Index Bergamot Citrus might be what you are after.
    Ava Luxe does a Bergamot as well.

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    Default Re: Bergamot perfumes?

    Geanfranco Ferre makes a very nice Bergamot named Bergamotto Marino for men and women. The nose behind the scent is Pierre Bourdon... responsible for such hits as Kouros, Cool Water, Dior's Dolce Vita, Malle's french Lover etc.

    Here is a pic.

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    Default Re: Bergamot perfumes?

    In Nu edp I get a quite pronounced bergamot note after the peppery topnotes.

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    Default Re: Bergamot perfumes?

    I get that in Bandit.
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