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    Question Making your wardrobe leaner?

    My thread is inspired by a couple of comments that I've read about members pruning their collections.
    Just curious. Do you find that your collection is still growing or was this possibly a phase or a journey for you that took you back to a few signature-type scents?

    I don't see myself using just one scent anymore. I need the variety but still have my top 5 or 10, if you will. However, I'm more selective about sampling and I have come to trust my judgment about translating mere descriptions pretty accurately. I've slowed down my sampling/testing and really prefer to enjoy my wardrobe proper as is.

    Years ago, I liked the idea of having a signature scent and used Kouros exclusively (and yes, got many compliments); then Egoiste; then it was Basala; and then Aqua di Parma.
    Afterwards, I started going back to trying new scents and then the classics just as I was getting into Basenotes. My collection has grown since then.
    What's your situation? Do you have a specific goal or is it still a journey of experiments and discoveries?
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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: Making your wardrobe leaner?

    No goal. Just letting my fragrance collection evolve as my tastes move, shift and change.

    I try not to get caught up in 'watching' my wardrobe grow and/or shrink. I try to enjoy this passionate part of my life and only allow myself to taper off for financial reasons or not having enough time to enjoy it (because, when I'm online, I'm not taking care of some of the people in my life who I love).

    I love music and I have about 18,000 songs in my Itunes. Do I need all of these songs in my computer hard drive? Of course not. However do I enjoy listening to all of them whenever I want to. Oh yes. The same for my fragrances.
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    Post Re: Making your wardrobe leaner?

    I don't pick a direction for my wardrobe to go,rather I follow where it leads me.If I sample a fragrance, and I like it enough to purchase it I do so. If I tire of a fragrance, I as a rule keep it in the event of a renewed interest.Or perhaps I will sell it in the market place.
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    Default Re: Making your wardrobe leaner?

    I try to limit my wardrobe to a number of scents I can wear often enough that I won't forget that I own some of them. That turns out to be somewhere between 30 and 40 bottles. (Samples? I've got hundreds.) I also try to keep my wardrobe well-rounded, so that I have at least one or two representatives of each genre I enjoy, and scents on hand for various moods, seasons, or occasions. I try to make myself unlaod a scent for every one I add, choosing those that I don't find myself wearing or that have become redundant. Sometimes this means jettisoning very good, even hard-to-get fragrances, as when I sold off Cuir Mauresque to make room for Chanel's Cuir de Russie and Guerlain's Derby.
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    Default Re: Making your wardrobe leaner?

    I'm finding that my tastes and interests are evolving and changing really rapidly since I started coming here, so I am actually about to put up a sales thread to get rid of a bunch of stuff. I don't think it really counts as purging though when you're really only doing it so you can buy more stuff.

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    Default Re: Making your wardrobe leaner?

    I am at 27 and will stop somewhere between 20 and 25 and remain in that range.

    I just realize that I am not interested in collecting, but only obtaining those frags that I will wear on a regular basis. If I find that a frag is getting neglected, that means it doesn't move me anymore and it goes bye bye.

    I would love to own only 10 -15, but I cannot cut that far I am afraid. 20 is really my magic number.

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    Default Re: Making your wardrobe leaner?

    One more "no goal, going where my nose leads me" case.

    When I got really started six years ago, my collection doubled, then doubled and doubled again, but then things slowed down and have stayed that way. My wishlist has shrunk and I've become more picky, but I neither have stopped nor intend to stop buying new scents.

    As for getting rid of what I rarely wear, I've noticed that there will always be days when I crave a specific scent, when nothing else will do, and I would regret if I had got rid of that particular scent. They all have their place and their time, so let them be.
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    Default Re: Making your wardrobe leaner?

    I have no goal in terms of number of bottles, but I think that 50 different kinds of perfume is a pretty good collection. I get rid of all the perfumes that I know I am not going to wear.. and I keep extra bottles of my top ten fragrances.

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    Default Re: Making your wardrobe leaner?

    I'm still into exploring and my nose is evolving. It's hard to say where it will all lead. I have a rather large book collection' around 1000 editions. I can't imagine my life without my library. The same goes for my fragrances. They're my references, my poetry and my mysteries.
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    Default Re: Making your wardrobe leaner?

    Tested everything (literally) in US retail, ULTA3 to Nieman & Saks.
    Bought online all the discontinued/untestable frags that notes/etc. seemed right (over 100 bottles)...
    ...sold over 90 of them, some much quicker than others.
    Resisted buying scents I knew I wouldn't wear around girls my age.
    Dozens of those I liked (Vintage Tabarome for one), even after testing some 10+ times applied lightly and heavily. Won't buy.
    Right now I have 12 scents.
    Won't buy another until something new earns it.
    No need to thin now, and if it balloons to 100 bottles of the quality/taste of the 12 I currently approved, no need to thin then either.
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