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    Default Gucci vs. Armani vs. Versace vs. Prada

    Okay these four companies seem to be on about the same level (meaning perception wise) as the other they have all come out with new scents recently. Prada Infusion D'Homme, Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme, Versace Pour Homme and Armani Emporio Diamonds. Now I think it is a forgone conclusion that of the four companies Gucci has the best scents so far................but of the four new scents how would you here at basenotes rank them from best to worst and also what category would you put each scent in?

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    Default Re: Gucci vs. Armani vs. Versace vs. Prada

    I personally put Prada ahead in terms of quality, but perhaps that's because they put out far less fragrances. I haven't sampled any of these new fragrances except Armani Diamonds for Men, which I did not like.

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    Default Re: Gucci vs. Armani vs. Versace vs. Prada

    I've always been an Armani and Versace fan and have tried most of their stuff. I have also only tried Diamonds but the jury is still out because I got tobacco right off the bat and then the card went hospital style astringent to me so I have to do a retake.
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    Default Re: Gucci vs. Armani vs. Versace vs. Prada

    I haven't tried Prada Infusion yet. But of the other three, Armani Diamonds wins easily. It might still not be bottle worthy IMO.
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    Default Re: Gucci vs. Armani vs. Versace vs. Prada

    Ooh, this is tough. I recently dismissed Versace as perhaps the worst house ever but now that I'm having a torrid love affair with Black Jeans, I might have to reconsider that. Not a fan of any Armani, poor longevity on me and too generic smelling. I love Envy and Pour Homme by Gucci and I'm a fan of Prada too, but I probably have to give the edge to Gucci.

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    Default Re: Gucci vs. Armani vs. Versace vs. Prada

    I've actually gotten a chance to smell all four. Prada wins for me. I like iris scents a lot, and this is quite a fine iris scent. I have a feeling I'll end up getting a bottle. The rest of the three just struck me as run of the mill designer scents that appeal to a lot of people and smell good, but aren't very bold or daring (I'll lump D&G's The One in this group too). I feel Infusion D'Homme shouldn't fall in this category just because iris is such a unique note and not to common among mens perfume.

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    Default Re: Gucci vs. Armani vs. Versace vs. Prada

    agreed with those of you who chose Prada.

    Armani and Versace and just CHEESY...i can't remember the last time i smelled anything worthwhile out of them...

    Gucci is sort of middle of the road when it comes to's a case of NAME over substance, IMO

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    Default Re: Gucci vs. Armani vs. Versace vs. Prada

    I have tried all 4, and IMO Prada Infusion d'Homme is the only one that is bottle worthy. It's an excellent blend of neroli and iris with very good sillage and longevity.

    Gucci by Gucci pour Homme has great top notes, but then you can't smell anything 1 hour later. Armani Emporio Diamonds and Versace pour Homme I consider just to be very generic and boring fragrances.
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    Default Re: Gucci vs. Armani vs. Versace vs. Prada

    I disagree with your comment that its a forgone conclusion that Gucci is the best .
    Anyway I tried a Prada recently and it had no kahunes at all ! .. too fresh to light to short in both longevity & sillage .
    I can say for certain ...
    the first from Versace , Armani & Gucci are Kings in many wardrobes .
    Perhaps a poll would be a good idea !
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    Default Re: Gucci vs. Armani vs. Versace vs. Prada

    I tried Diamonds yesterday and enjoyed it actually. It was Mania, which I love, with a kick. A spicy, creamy kick.
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    Default Re: Gucci vs. Armani vs. Versace vs. Prada

    I also tried all four, and the new Gucci is definetely a winner to me. Great scent with medium (not in you face) sillage and good longevity. My favorite designer fragrance so far this year.

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    Default Re: Gucci vs. Armani vs. Versace vs. Prada

    Armani - with code over rated, ADG bouncing off Bvlgari Aqva, Diamonds hardly a redeeming scent.

    Gucci - Envy does well with its take on the modern classic, but has lousy longevity on my skin probably coz im used to Eau Sauvage's thicker more lasting residual scent, Gucci PH2 is just an above average fresh frag, Gucci by Gucci PH is hardly a winner by any designer pwerhouse standards.

    Versace - Blue Jeans remains one of my favourites. pleasant and awfully cheap, but not cheap smelling, like Le Male, it seems like its a salad of mixed fruit and floral scents which worked out so well, out doing Versace PH in terms of originality and bottle design.

    Prada - overpriced, but otherwise the most distinct of the latest releases from the other 3

    I own Gucci PH2, ADG, Blue Jeans, Envy, the rest ive sampled at least once. so this is just a very personal take on this issue. Blue Jeans and Envy would still be the best buys. the new releases are getting too similar smelling... with the very final dry down slightly different, but whose gona smell me at the end of the day unless i respray. So for that matter, I state my case. I apologise for bringing in other scents for comparisons, i just couldnt find anything positive enough to discuss over the scents first mentioned in the opening post

    For the record, none of the later releases were awful, in fact all were pleasant,but just not worth the dosh. Boss Selection would be a much better kick compared to diamonds or versace ph for that matter.and much more affordable and lasting

    Prada i found to be in the shadows of Fahrenheit 32,both in terms of longevity, sillage, opening scent

    As for Gucci.... they are headed the same way chanel is with allure homme/sport, with their gucci ph2.... very surprising for such generic conformity. Embarassingly, tho i have a 100ml bottle of Guccy PH2, i couldnt really tell the diff when my friend allowed me to sample his allure homme sport.. Maybe i have a bad nose for this.
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