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    Default what makes a woman's hair or hairstyle "current" by today's standards?

    On the streets, I see a lot of flat ironed, long, stick straight blond hair parted down the middle accompanied by a fake tan. Placed into a low ponytail when a sporty look is required. It all looks very high maintenance and unappealing to me.

    Puffy, full hair looks retro (but I've always like it!). Highlights seem to be a necessity.

    I just watched an episode of "shear genius" and am utterly baffled, so I come to you beauty and grooming experts for advice and help:

    What makes a woman's hair look dated?

    What makes it look current?

    And I don't want to see any of this "if it looks good on you, just wear it" stuff. I'll bet Farrah Fawcet and Dorothy Hamil are not wearing their hairstyles of the 70's, so I want the cold, hard facts as you see them, please.

    I'm in my early 40's and I see a lot of women my age sporting the requisite long hair flat ironed look. I'm hoping I don't need to go there. Your opinions and comments are much appreciated!

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    Default Re: what makes a woman's hair or hairstyle "current" by today's standards?

    It's hard to say what is current and what isn't. Most areas tend to have their own style. I have yet to go any place outside of my city and see the exact same style that I see here. Everywhere you go there are trendsetters and trend-followers. Trendsetters tend to leave their hair in the hands of the stylist that is up on the latest. They like to change up often and that requires the need for a very good stylist. The trend followers tend to follow whatever is goin on in Hollywood or NYC. They look at the fashion magazines and copy their favorite stars, etc. In other words, they doin what everybody else is doing.

    Now, what you need to stay current is a bomb stylist. If you have a good hair stylist they will be up on what's current. If you go to the same stylist each time, they will get to know you and your hair and be able to help you to decide what trends look best on you if you want a change. Cause just like perfume, Honey everybody can't wear everything. So, in actuality you do have to wear what looks good on you, just like you wear what smells good on you. I know you ain't about to walk out of your house smellin of Eau De Funkin Stuff. So if you got a big fishbowl head, then maybe the short style that is "current" will not be very cute on you. Followers are dated. Trendsetters are ahead of their time. Everybody else could care less about what you or anybody else thinks. Get in where you fit in and you are only as fabulous as your strut Honey. Confidence looks good on everybody. So, it doesn't matter how trendy you lookin. If you don't know it and walk it out, then nobody will even notice.

    Then there are those like me who could care less about what the next person is doing. I'm fabulous in everything that is "ME". I neither set trends nor follow them. Being fabulous as I am, I stand apart no matter what I do and you best believe my strut is a mean one.
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    Default Re: what makes a woman's hair or hairstyle "current" by today's standards?

    Being a hair stylist in one of my 'previous lives' (read- approx. 15-20 years ago!) I can confidently give you the following advice:

    Find a salon and stylist that stresses education. Your stylist should be continually learning, which keeps him/her on the "cutting edge" (can't resist a pun!) of fashion trends, and as long as you are out in public - their name rests upon your head; literally! Some folks are naturally rebellious to anything referred to as "trendy", but if you want to have a current look, you need to be educated on trends! Don't forget to listen to their advice regarding color and other chemical services as's all part of helping you look your best. Oh yeah, one more thing, all trends can (and should) be modified to suit your hair type, age, lifestyle, career, face & body shape, etc. The difference between a good stylist and a great one is personalization! You should be able to easily replicate the look you leave the salon with, and people on the street should be stopping you to ask, "who does your hair?"! When this happens to you, you know you've got a great look - and a great stylist! If you're having trouble finding one, start by looking around when you are out and about. Find a couple people who's hair looks fabulous and ask them about their stylist!
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    Default Re: what makes a woman's hair or hairstyle "current" by today's standards?

    I know you don't want to hear, "Wear what looks good on you," but that is such a huge part of it. I think trends will come and go-- like the Farrah Fawcett flip, spiral perms, and the straight flat iron look. But some elements remain. I've had basically the same layered a-line haircut since I was 14. At 14 years old I took a 3/4 inch curling iron to it and did the flip. Ten years later I was applying spiral perms. Now I use a big round brush and blow dry it upward (my profile picture shows this). If I want to do something fancy and time consuming on my very straight hair, I put in a lot of gel, blow it dry, then use my super skinny 1/2 curling iron to make lots and lots of ringlets and run my fingers thru it. Here's a recent pic of me and my hubby where I did this:

    I don't do the part in the middle, flat iron look because I don't think it looks good on me, but it seems to me that it's a look that goes back to the hippie era of the late 1960s. Some things come and go and others are timeless. I believe right now having long layers around the face is "contemporary." They can be straight or in ringlets. And it doesn't have to be parted down the middle. Here's Rose McGowan and Ginnifer Goodwin with basically the same haircut styled with ringlets and straight, both with a long side bang:

    Here's a twist on a classic. Check out Elizabeth Taylor 50 years ago and Rihanna today:

    I've been trying to find pics of other celebrities on imdb to cite as examples, but what I see most is how frequently stars change the length and style of their hair. Bangs, no bangs. Bob cut, then long waves. But what appears to be consistent is that the layers are long, especially around the face. I recall that my layers were much shorter (closer to the top of my head) in the 80s to reduce weight and make my hair really, really big and tall (<groans at the memory>). Now my layers begin almost at my earlobes. Bobs today are inverted (long in front), like Victoria Beckham.

    What makes a woman's hair look dated?
    The most important thing you can do to stay current is just don't get stuck in a trend. I still see 40-somethings wearing spiral perms and/or short layers (layers start about 3" from the part) because that's what looked good when they were 20-something and I guess they wrongly believed they had peaked in terms of physical attractiveness and better stick to the same game plan. They'd look so much better today if they'd leave that frizz behind and just get some long, soft layers and use hot rollers when a more polished look is required. Rosanna Arquette is our age-ish (I'll be 42 in a couple of weeks) and sports a contemporary, age-appropriate look:

    Puffy, full hair looks retro (but I've always like it!). Highlights seem to be a necessity.
    Highlights are a necessity for me because my hair has thinned as I've aged. Having various shades of color in my hair gives the illusion of depth and volume.
    Jaclyn Smith still has puffy hair! She's a terrific example of someone who has kept basically the same look for 30 years and still looks fantastic. Julia Roberts still does fluffy hair; Jessica Simpson, Keira Knightly, Catherine Zeta-Jones. Hair is still full and wavy, just not as BIG as it was in the past. I think it needed to be huge to balance the NFL-sized shoulder pads we wore back then. Check it out: CZJ this past May, and Marilyn around 1952:

    Timeless. Maybe 50s hair has come back around, with the hair longer from the top of the head. Even Jane Fonda has her hair long on top. I think she has outstanding hair for a mature woman. Remember her big hair from the workout videos in the 80s? Hee! That would look so dated today.

    Last I saw Farrah she was doing long layers in fluffy ringlets. I hope she's doing okay.

    So that's my take. Long layers and soft volume, waves or ringlets. Doesn't have to be straight. Hope this helps!
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    Default Re: what makes a woman's hair or hairstyle "current" by today's standards?

    'oud girl' ~

    You look so pretty, I thought YOUR photo was an ad!!! You're adorable!

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    Default Re: what makes a woman's hair or hairstyle "current" by today's standards?

    May I just say that as a 21 year old young man, I find fewer things sexier on a woman than big, full (yes, "dated" to some) hair. I much prefer the terms "timeless" and "classic" to "dated." Every time I go to Dallas the amount of big beautiful hairstyles blows my mind. Present some ideas to your stylist, and he/she should be honest and tell you what they think would work best with you. Communication really is key.

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    Default Re: what makes a woman's hair or hairstyle "current" by today's standards?

    Oud girl, love the long layers on you. Your hair is so pretty (as are you!). Long layers are pretty much what I'm leaning toward. I'm growing my natural gray out, so I have a long process ahead of me. But longer layers seems to look good on just about everybody, and you can make it wavy or straight - depends on your own hair texture. It's really versatile.

    I like the choppy piecy razor cuts too:

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    Default Re: what makes a woman's hair or hairstyle "current" by today's standards?

    Are any of you familiar with the actress Karen Duffy? I've always liked her haircut. I've had it for several years of my life, as well as for the past year, until recently, when I decided to grow mine out into a short to medium shag a la the new Jane Fonda but without the defined bangs.

    I'm missing the KD haircut as I feel quite cool with it. Here is the cover of her book (if I got the posting image directions correct), which shows the cut in a number of settings:

    A HUGE thanks to all of you for the opinions and images. I am thinking about your responses as to how to proceed next.

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