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    Default SCOOP & WHOOP! Aveda is relaunching "Chakras"!!!

    Let me explain. I was a little bit obsessed by Aveda Chakra "equipose". Ok, completely obsessed. It was my "default to" scent among many other perfume loves. When they discontinued the Chakra purefume range, I was very annoyed (read: fuming!).

    So, fast-forward to my recent Harrods trip and the discovery that Donna Karan is re-issuing her classic selection of fragrances.

    It made me think. So I wrote to Aveda (again) and asked whether - given that there is a trend of re-issuing old faves; even Yves Rocher and Donna Karan are doing it after all - would Aveda ever be bringing out the Chakras? Pretty please?

    Here's the important part of the reply email I received:

    Aveda plan to relaunch the Chakra range in October 08.

    The range will be called Chakra Balancing body mist and will be available in seven fragrances.

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    Default Re: SCOOP & WHOOP! Aveda is relaunching "Chakras"!!!

    The original chakras from 90-97 were simply amazing. I still have an entire collection of Spirits, Body Sprays, Body Cleansers, Tin Absolutes as well as large absolutes. I use them sparingly and still love them. eBay prices have gone through the roof on these classics- Equipoise Spirit for $100-$200... If you like the aroma, it really is worth it.

    I also have a full set of the new Chakra Body Mists. They are new, interesting and compelling for different reasons. I have also tracked down the Professional blends in a 1 oz, undiluted form. I have to say this undiluted concentration is very appealing but only available through professional channels.

    Are you still excited about the new Chakra line? Still, nothing compares to Equipoise. I just sprayed a little on my wrist.

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    Default Re: SCOOP & WHOOP! Aveda is relaunching "Chakras"!!!

    I still have three of the old chakras, Attraction, Fullfillment and Bliss. Wore 'Bliss' today in fact. I bought Yatra to replace my favorite discontinued chakra, can't remember the name.

    I have the chakra 3 body mist, I prefer the perfume format though. If anyone could post the names/ numbers / notes of the old chakras I would be very grateful! I believe that current chakra three is not the same as old chakra three and I'm thoroughly confused. I was sorely tempted to get the other current "pure-fume," but they are so darned pricey!

    Chakra 2 - attraction- clove/spcy
    Chakra 4 - fulfillment - ylang, moss
    Chakra 7 - bliss - geranium, ????

    I think equipoise was my forgotten fave.. Is it lavender, pine, woods? What number is it?
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    Default Re: SCOOP & WHOOP! Aveda is relaunching "Chakras"!!!

    Also...could Aveda mix up a facsimile of the old chakra with their new custom mixing thingamabob? Was afraid to ask in the store and deal with the hard sell.

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    Default Re: SCOOP & WHOOP! Aveda is relaunching "Chakras"!!!

    Here's the info from the Premiere Issue of the AVEDA magazine (1995; no longer published) on the original ones:

    I: Motivation
    lemon, narcisse, olibanum, vetiver

    II: Attraction
    cinnamon, myrrh, olibanum, oppoponax, rose

    III: Equipoise
    bergamot, jasmine, oragne, ylang-ylang

    IV: Fulfillment
    frankincense, sandalwood, bergamot, lavender

    V: Creative
    bois de rose, guaiac wood, rose

    VI: Intuition
    bergamot, jasmine, lime, sandalwood

    VII: Bliss
    bergamot, jasmine, orris, rose
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    Default Re: SCOOP & WHOOP! Aveda is relaunching "Chakras"!!!

    NICE! Thank you!

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    Default Re: SCOOP & WHOOP! Aveda is relaunching "Chakras"!!!

    Where could I try any of these? (esp. II and V) Brick'n'mortar stores or online?
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    Default Re: SCOOP & WHOOP! Aveda is relaunching "Chakras"!!!

    Sadly, they are all discontinued. Aveda now has "Chakra balancing body mist" but it isn't the same, and it isn't clear how/if the body mist scents correspond to the old chakras.

    I believe that shortly after they were discontinued, the stores had recipes for mixing up a close analog of the old scent with their custom mixing system. I would like to try this, and I would be OK if it wasn't exactly the same, however, years later, none of the SAs in the Aveda stores now know about the old Chakras. Plus, if they mixed something up for me, I would probably feel compelled to buy it whether it turned out or not. And there are no prices on anything...I'm sure it costs eleventy billion dollars. If I don't even know if I'll like it - forget it.

    Edit: you can find the old chakras on ebay for very high prices, people loved these things.

    Looking at the list, I believe that V is my old favorite. Yatra smells like it, and it has the same "rose" (actually geranium) and wood notes.

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    Default Re: SCOOP & WHOOP! Aveda is relaunching "Chakras"!!!

    Eleventy billion? *sigh* Will forget, as suggested. *sigh*
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    Default Re: SCOOP & WHOOP! Aveda is relaunching "Chakras"!!!

    Looking at that list - gee I wish they would bring these back. Even at a significantly higher price point.

    Making quality all-natural perfumes at a marketable price point is not a trivial task, I know.

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