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Thread: MPG changes

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    Default MPG changes

    I've heard that RdV and Iris Bleu Gris have been reformulated. I've also read on an older thread that all the men's MPG scents were going to be reformulated as they switched to the new 90ml size. Does anyone know if this is true? Specifically I'm interested in if Centaure has been, but am curious about them all.

    For those who've smelled them, are the reformulations drastic, or perhaps just a lowering of the % of perfume oil?
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    I think the 90ml size was the OLD size. Maybe someone else knows the facts better than I do, but I know I've got old juice of many of the line and they're all 90ml. Wish I could speak about the rest of your questions, Scupture.
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    Default Re: MPG reformulations

    Unfortunately it seems that MPG doesn't have a big enough following which can investigate these reformulation claims further

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    Default Re: MPG reformulations

    I can confirm Santal Noble, Route de Vetiver and Ambre Precieux to have been reformulated. Not sure about others. They are almost similar- but one could easily tell a difference smelling them side by side. Ambre Precieux is probably the one that has lost the most "oomph" in the newer version.
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    Default Re: MPG reformulations

    Sadly my favorite Santal Noble has been reformulated. I have a small amount left of the old and compared it to my new bottle and they are really different in the top notes especially. Much weaker and that coffee note is missing and I smell more of a chocolate note. Some websites still have the old 90 ml bottles listed but I ordered from one of them and they sent me the new 100 ml bottles. I wish I could find old bottles of Santal Noble and Amber Precieux. Anyone know where I can find them?
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    Default Re: MPG reformulations

    I have Santal Noble in the newer style bottle and can say, it's the same as the old stuff. I'm guessing they didn't reformulate it right after the bottle style change.
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    Post Re: MPG reformulations

    I have the older cut glass bottle of RdV, and the new bottle, and I can't detect a difference in the formulas.The same holds true for Santal Noble.I will say that the sprayers on the new bottles suck! One bottle sprays when it feel likes it, another sprays sometimes, other times it squirts. One bottle of Iris Bleu Gris, I just bought from Fragrancenet didn't work at all,and I had to send it back.
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    Default Re: MPG reformulations

    Does anyone know if Baime has been interfered with?

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    Default Re: MPG reformulations

    Looking for more opinions as I might be ordering something (undecided now that Sanguine Muskissime has turned on me) from MPG soon.

    Does anyone like the reformulations better? Do you feel they are just lighter, a lowering of the concentration, or actually tampering with the notes and ratios of the ingredients?

    Do they still smell raw/natural, or do they have a more sleek and modern vibe now?

    Any input is appreciated.
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    Default Re: MPG reformulations

    My experience of the new ones has been limited. I'd say that RdV is less big and dirty, a significant loss. Still a beautiful frag but no longer the sharp, earthy experience it was. Parfum d'Habit, on the other hand, has escaped with minimal change, and arguably is even improved. See Mudassir's descriptions of the differences here. I had a bottle of the old stuff and I'd say I'm enjoying the new stuff at least as much. I think Mudassir is right to say that they've added a touch more dry amber and sandalwood. This version is more opaque, meant here as a term of approbation, as in the opposite of transparent. The old one had a touch of Ellena's sheer sensibility, and I loved the frag but thought the lightness in the basenotes was a little misplaced. Anyway, very subtle differences.

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    Default Re: MPG reformulations


    I love Eau d' Iles and the new version of Eau d' Iles is the same as the old one as far as I can tell. I highly recomend it. I also had bottles of the new formulation of Santal Noble, Ambre Precieux, and Parfum d' Habit. My older formula experience comes from samples and decants of the older forumulas. Parfum d' Habit didn't seem to be much different to me, although I am sure the subtle changes mentioned by Mudassair are there - I was not able to discern these subtleties having limited experience with the older one.

    Ambre Precieux is different from the older version in that it is lighter and not nearly as potent. Other than strength of formula it appears very similar to me. A problem with the lighter version is that the effect of the myrtle and its interaction with the amber elements changes in the lighter formula. The net result is ambre precieux becomes more a generic nice gentle amber formula. The cold/warm contrast of the myrtle and amber is gone from the new one because at the lighter concentration, the myrtle is much less noticeable.

    Santal Noble is the biggest disappointment to me. The new version is definitely changed and does not have the coffee note at the outset. If its there, I can not smell it. It is a very nice gentle sandalwood fragrance with a noticeable cedar note, but it has lost all the darkness and character of the older version. It is still a very good sandalwood fragrance but it is very different from the old one.

    So the new formulas have changed for all of these MPG's. The Eau d' Iles and Parfum d' Habit have not changed much - just subtle differences. The Ambre Preciuex and Santal Noble are much lighter and therefore have lost some character. Santal Noble seems to have lost the coffee note altogether and is a nice sandalwood, but a completely different fragrance with much less darkness. The old sample decants will show a very different fragrance than what comes in the bottles now of Santal Noble.

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    Default Re: MPG reformulations

    Have any of the woody Maitre's lost any powderiness ?
    Particularly Santal Noble ?

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    Default Re: MPG reformulations

    Quote Originally Posted by nsamadi View Post
    I have Santal Noble in the newer style bottle and can say, it's the same as the old stuff. I'm guessing they didn't reformulate it right after the bottle style change.
    I'll take that back. After spending some more time with my new bottle. Yup, there's a difference. It's not as intense smelling either.

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    Default Re: MPG reformulations

    Ok, I'm going to try and turn this thread into an unofficial collection of all experiences with MPG's reformulations. I'm going to search the forum and collect snippets from other threads and post them here.

    ****************Please do the board and myself a huge favor and post any experiences with the MPG reformulations in this thread if you can remember.

    Edit: I decided to make a new thread to avoid any clutter.
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